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View Full Version : setting it straight

2004-07-17, 21:20
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-07-17, 22:43
what record are you setting straight maven?

my text written in a shitty green

2004-07-17, 23:14
i dont hate u lil' man, you dont have enough influence on any sector of my life, for me to hate u.

2004-07-17, 23:30
this fairytale of hate that she is painting toward me now.dude...i wouldn't want to interpose your noetic thoughts or nothing like that but.......

i think it's your song and dance, no one elses, certainly, imo, not $'s

2004-07-17, 23:32
I do not hate you, however, i also do not think you are worthy of life. For every usless human being like you, that made it into the womb, a good worthy life was sacraficed because you beat it to the egg.

2004-07-17, 23:39
ur an idiot, i havn't received a pm from gazdet for well over 1.5 years. As for p2p zone... havn't u noticed dude, that i've made about 3 posts over there in the last year and a half?

You're such a waste of human being, and if letting someone like u be born, isn't enough to prove there is no god, then there is no real convincing evidence.

2004-07-18, 00:34
You are common, and i feel sorry for you, because being common when you have such a big ego, must be very devestating for you. Is that why you turned to god? Because when nobody else loves you, at least god "loves" you?

I think people like you, believe in god, because your ego won't allow you to go through life, unloved and unoticed, so you either make someone up on your own, or you convert to a common religion, so that u can at least claim that a make-believe man in the clouds loves you.

I think you sould invest in a loving bird, that will eat, shit and sleep on your unwashed shoulder, because perhaps you will experience your first intimate closeness with a warm blooded creature.

I think you lack intimacy in your life, and as someone i know says "i like to crawl, before i can walk, and walk before i can fly", i think u should start crawling dude... get that bird, experience some intimacy with an actual warm blooded creature, and then maybe... a dog... and after all that, maybe, just maybe, try a woman.

I don't believe you are to be hated, i believe you are to be pittied, for all that you are.

2004-07-18, 00:40
read the pm i sent you...post it here...i don't care..i told you the truth..it's how i feel.

as you requested, here is the pm you sent me (as unintersting as it is.)

Title:I fucking love you, gal

why are you TREATING ME like shit for?

end of pm.

So what dude? how is that interesting or sincere?

all it shows is that you have bad grammar.

2004-07-18, 02:15
why? do you feel that others should always or only ENTERTAIN you? how selfish is that?

Why must it be interesting? It was HONEST.

does one always have to use Proper grammer when speaking their message to you? Sometimes honesty uses BAD GRAMMER or has bad grammer.

unless it was interesting or entertaining, i dont see why you would ask me to publically post a pm you sent me. If you wanted it on the message board, why didn't you just post it yourself as a reply, instead of a private message?

I dont think it was honest, that is why i assumed it must have an entertainment or amusement purpose. I guess i was wrong. It was just plain ole usless.

2004-07-18, 02:28
I am like EVERY OTHER person in the world. Hence, I'm normal..what's so bad about being like others, kat?

You are not normal. You are not like every other person in the world. Maybe 'god created' you, during an intense burning fart, when he wasn't thinking straight?

"PEOPLE LIKE ME" what the fuck do you mean by that, katrina? why distant or dissassociate yourself from humanity or the rest of the human race by acting as if you somehow are above it all or not even a part of it altogether?

'people like you' reffers to the shit stains of humanity. I'm not segregating myself from humanity, i'm segregating you, because you are unworthy of the privellage of life.

I do not like birds..they scare me! What's the business about an 'unwashed shoulder'? YET more stereotyping , katarina? based on WHAT, honey? I have loved and felt love before

I think you make a mockery of love.

I lack PHYSICAL intimacy not emotional, mental and SPIRITUAL intimacy..all of these things I have now with the only exception being the lack of a physical conduit for that expression.

I WILL NOT: bend, bow, nor BREAK for you KATARINA and your efforts to get me to do so have FAILED just like you will CONTINUE to fail anytime you try to humilate or shame me for something that holds no guilt in it.

I have had a dog before...his name was Sheppy. I loved him very much...i've also had women before as well.

you lack intimacy period.

I'm not trying to break you harbynger. You are already broken, from your own lonliness and self-disgust.

2004-07-18, 02:37
what makes me "unworthy" OF LIFE in YOUR OPINION?

i've already answered that question in numerous posts.

2004-07-18, 03:01
I have answered that in numerous posts, in numerous threads, for numerous weeks.

It is you who seeks answers, but you are too lazy to go and re-read posts. Too lazy, too bad.

2004-07-18, 03:19
i have to go now. I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused you...according to what you posted in another thread..you are angry that i've implied you are a whore...honey YOU, yourself KNOW THIS better than anybody whether this is true or not...so are you? ARE YOU A WHORE, katarina?

I dont recall saying i was angry at all, as i correctly recall, i said i was not shocked that u yet again resorted to putting me down for being female.

I think it's a little sad you have to assume you have impact on peoples lives, when i think u know, truely, that you don't.

are you mad i'm posting our private correspondences to prove that you did care for me once?

Like i said, how can a person be angry at you? you are here to be pittied, because you are not worthy anything more than pity. You choose to be pittied by others.

I don't think i ever really gave too much of a shit about YOU as a being, i just cared about not hurting your feelings. Things have changed for the better, because now i realise u were not worthy of any consideration.

2004-07-18, 03:32
again, i dont recall asking for pity, and i certainly havn't abused the gender issue. Calling a woman a whore numerous times, is a gender issue, and its a lame and highly common put down.

yes we're done, consider yourself defeated. Sorry lill' dude, but you dont get teh gold, the silver... not even a hint of bronze.

2004-07-18, 03:52
SLX, it's because of stuff like this....For every usless human being like you, that made it into the womb, a good worthy life was sacraficed because you beat it to the egg that I HAFT TO offer an alternative viewpoint..she's painting a very one-sided picture don't ya think?
after careful, objective consideration, i agree with $'s statement...one sperm and one egg......all others must be flushed with the rag

in your case, the undesirable seed grew...all others, including any desirable ones died because of you...

it's a shame we can't handle it like a pak of bean seed & cull the failures

i'm sure at least your mom loves you though harb

2004-07-18, 03:59
I remember a loveable, cute girl who used to close all of her messages with:

It's ALL GOOD and [b]PEACE

that little girl is gone. my illusions destroyed and in her place stands you...revealed for fake, phoney ass, hypocrit you have always been...now you are exposed...the ONLY person I ever really exposed in all my time as a 'napsterite'

So all your tree-hugging crap about peace, love, forgiveness was a bunch of HORSE-shit after all..you never believed in or practiced any of those ideallic morals you preached so proudly to others trying to convince them how 'open minded' and friendly you 'could be'

humpty, you almost make me want to convert to a religion, so i could pray for an end to your stupidity. Only thing u have exposed is your genuine idiocy. Like i said lill' man, if a monkey can put the cube into a square shaped hole, then there is hope for a hint of brain activity within your bulbus head.

Now we've seen you reveal your true colors in wishing DEATH upon another human being and using some of the foullest language i've ever heard uttered.

I didn't say i wished u death, i said you were unworthy of life in the first place. But you exist, 'god' will wipe you out himself.

As for foul language... hey humpty i havn't been swearing at you, its not my language you dislike, its my context, and its truthful relation to you.

Jesus says, "If a man hates anyone..the love of God is not Him..for how can a man Love God whom he has not seen..and hate this one whom he has seen?

If majority of your fellow man you interact with on a daily basis, have numerous chances with, does not like you, why is it you believe god loves u?

I say love, caring, compassion and concern for HUMANITY and your fellow HUMAN BEINGS IS NOT in you, katarina...for I am a part of that 'humanity' you cliamed to embrace and hold appreciate, respect even for ALL LIFE and here
you chosen to dishonor that in me."

oh its within me brother.

2004-07-18, 05:07
I admit my defeat...you have OUT-ARGUE'D ME, you are YOUNGER AND more intelligent than me...YOU've actually won.don't buy into it $...he's the smartest most intellectual sumbitch i've ever encountered...he gives new meaning to words...like triumvirate and and makes up new ones, unabridgedly for example and besides he ain't said it but once yet....he'll post to himself several more times b4 he forgets what he said

i wish i could be a smart as the spherical one....and as soon as he shares his sources of knowledge with us, we all can be as smart as him and make up new words and new definitions for old ones


2004-07-18, 05:09
lol, dude, i've missed u ahhaha


2004-07-18, 07:11
I remember a loveable, cute girl who used to close all of her messages with:

It's ALL GOOD and [b]PEACE

that little girl is gone. my illusions destroyed and in her place stands you...revealed for fake, phoney ass, hypocrit you have always been
You sound like you have a thing for children. Perhaps you are a child molester?

You want Dollar_Girl to remain innocent and naive so that you can continue to manipulate her without her catching on. Maybe she's too old for you now that she's no longer a teenager. Don't get mad at her for growing up.

When I was younger, I used to love my enemies but now I would gladly pick up a sword and cut their heads off. So as I've gotten older my outlook has become more cynical, and that is a good thing. It doesn't make me a hypocrite because I've grown up and changed my outlook.

Perhaps you and Michael Jackson can sleep in the same bed together and try to create a World in which no one grows up. That's a porn video I would love to see. My feeling is that you would be the man in that relationship, but then again they say Black dudes have large penises, so maybe it would find its way into your large sweaty unwashed ass.

(Not that there's anything wrong or shameful with having a large sweaty unwashed ass.)

2004-07-18, 19:16
You people are TOO nice to her..she needs someone like me who stands to gain nothing from her and can tell her unabashedly (unabrigedly) to 'GET STUFFED!' or whatever else I want to say...while the rest of you clowns fawn all over yourselves for the 'proper' words to say in trying to appear polite or intellectual.you still got it wrong dude.....the difference is...you're a perverted fuk thats been stalking the girl...there isn't anything, even, slightly amusing about your obsession with $

2004-08-09, 10:55
life is not a priviledge but a gift
it cannot be taken away except through death which is the process
babies are born with a clean slate
people are just deluded and blinded from the truth and they hide it from themselves so well they never wish to make themselves better
spiraling down but they can always be given positive to outweigh the negative
some people are just too dumb to take good advice when they see it
is it not in ur heart to give them a helping hand
seeing them knowing we have all been there before do u sit back when u were at the worst point in ur life did u want a hand to grab and pull urself up with or get a foot to the side of the head?

oh where???!!!???
where is the humanity???

*sorry was watching planet of the apes sort of has a dramatic effect on ya*

And bad grammar isnt good but u may notice i use the most terrible grammar u have ever known - bar one or two or E's semi-concious ramblings
if it wasn't for me n Tim u wouldn't look so good now would ya? :D

2004-08-09, 12:04
when u were at the worst point in ur life did u want a hand to grab and pull urself up with or get a foot to the side of the head?
There's this saying that says: "Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime." I think that saying needs the following added to it: "Let a man starve, and he will be willing to learn how to fish." For some people, giving a helping hand is like giving them fish and giving them a kick in the head is like starving them, which motivates them to learn how to fish.

2004-08-10, 00:18
noone judges that
u can judge but how u do it is up to u
and the outcomes are how u use that
judgement but acceptance
throwing a man a fish is not helping him
telling him he will DIE otherwise and he will not fish?
i know i would
i doesn't take meanness to be nice
but we all have our own way of doing things