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View Full Version : Agoraphobia

2003-04-29, 20:42
is the fear of crowds. This seems to be the perfect place for agoraphobics. Of course if too many seek refuge here they'll get scared and run off. :eek:

2003-04-30, 01:40
How about you get some clones, or we'll just clone all the people from other boards, and then log them in all the time, so it looks like a really busy board. Hell, I'll get a computer for each member and then flip between them with a fancy KVM switch that looks like a rolodex address book.

Can you think of any domains to hijack to use as a recruiting tool?

2003-04-30, 04:37

2003-05-03, 01:02
I thought that agoraphobia was when you were afraid to leave the house. But it seems we are both kinda right.