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2003-06-16, 17:43
Some buildings in the United States have no thirteenth floor. Is that a uniquely American thing? Thirteen is thought of as an unlucky number. There were twelve apostles and one traitor amongst Jesus' ranks, Judas. But if you include Jesus himself then I guess thirteen is a kind of l33t number. There are thirteen menstrual cycles in a year. Is thirteen the number of our lord and saviour, the dildo du domini Menstruating Jesus?

Anyways, there is no thirteenth member here as well. Run your mouse over the usernames (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/memberlist.php?s=&what=datejoined) here and you will see that mek is user #12 and Harby is user #14. The reason this happened is because I created member #13, then deleted it. It was a test member to test the registration process. The total number of members listed on the index page is accurate though. But it bothers me to have this offset, and there doesn't seem to be a fix with the current version of vBulletin.

The results I got from the test were as follows. When a person first registers at this site, e-mail verification is required. If the initial e-mail is invalid, then even if the person changes the e-mail in his profile, and it goes through the process of verification, the person will still be stuck in the group of "awaiting e-mail verification" (not "registered"). This seems to be some kind of bug in vBulletin.

I used to be member #14 at The Real Underground. Now our harbynger of unknown things to come is the exact same number that I used to be. Perhaps I should consider this to be an ominous sign from our mother of forum drama, Menstruating Jesus (http://www.tatom.org/images/MenstruatingJesus.jpg)?

Harby, those are big shoes to fill. You know what they say about guys with big shoes.

2003-06-19, 14:03
i think every number is evil, and therefore we are in need of a massive system overhaul, abolish the numeral system and bring in a new bunch of alien symbols for science and mathematics. It is the way of the future ay... it's going to happen when THEY invade and take control, and we may as well start adjusting now to sudden change... otherwise we can kiss each other on the arse and say goodbye, with our main regret being "geez if only we had got rid of those damn numerals" ... if we dont start adjusting to sudden change, then we have no chance at survival. Shit takes too long. we are in need of a revolution, before we forget they even exist. :eatout:

2003-06-22, 01:15
I have trouble thinking about Mekajinn and Harby at the same time.

It's prolly just me tho........