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View Full Version : I knocked up eclectica's wife!

2004-07-18, 21:02
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-07-19, 01:11
What a Prick

2004-07-19, 03:01
you're spamming the fukin board butterbutte....there's a thread regarding this exact topic.....stop the spamming or i'll find my tools and really screw with you dude

and yep...that's a threat

2004-07-19, 03:33
priceless whatever trips your trigger, dood.stupid people are generally unaware when a dog's growl is serious....

now say your sorry, to us all, for spamming the board

2004-07-19, 03:47
is this accurate and correct reflection for what you would like an apology for?

now say your sorry, to us all, for spamming the board

2004-07-19, 04:02
lol harb....the wiz and i made up long ago....we've been having a long distance sexual relationship for 2 years now

you still didn't tell us you're sorry for spamming the board

2004-07-19, 04:28
I'm highly satisfied with admin and moderators here. I feel all have been more than fair and generous. I notice eclectica often lets members here know of changes or thoughts he does/has in regards to 3-3-3.org, which i feel is good, because alot of admins wouldn't bother informing people of 1/4 of the things he does.

i don't ever recall editing or deleting anything, and i dont plan to either.

I think the lack of moderation on this forum, lets the common drama, come and go without it being hyper-dramatic. I think drama on forums seems to be intensified because of too much moderation by those who have the options to ban, edit and delete. over-moderation and 'banning' movements r interesting, because it acts more to fuel drama, which defeats their purpose and cause.

2004-07-19, 04:32
I notice my poor and lazy typing on the internet are creeping their way into my normal writing, on paper.

I was writing the other day, and i wrote "u" and "r" and "ur" instead of YOU, ARE and YOU'RE/YOUR.

This is worrying, because i find myself getting into bad habbits that might be hard to break.

Therefore, i have decided, to improve the quality of my written communication online, in hopes of stopping a bad habbit developing in its tracks.

So starting... NOW.

2004-07-19, 04:37
You are not far off from 2000 posts, which is some achievement, considering your posts are usually quite long.

2004-07-19, 04:50
I'm not hurt by you, i am indifferent to you, thus your apologies are uneeded and are of no purpose but to add again, to your own image.

2004-07-19, 05:16
i'm sorry for upsetting anyone who was offended by my actions through spamming the board.nothing like a little hi blood pressure huh butterbutte.....

....apology accepted

2004-07-19, 06:34
i apologised

for you. you still have some strange hold on me....i still care about you just as deeply as I ever did...but you do seem very cruel in saying you don't care about me.

maybe you forgot some of the friendship we used to have?

a lot of those things you said in that last post you made about me WERE true...but i've moved from purposelly trying to solicit sympathy FROM YOU because of your pointing it out to me that I did indeed do that.

Do you not like the stronger me? who doesn't beg your sorrow or manipulate it out of you?

I've always been very honest with you..i'm curious to find out where the rest of our conversation would have gone..that night when we were talking about lesbians...so what do you think about them?

why punish me with your silence on msn?

i've accepted the fact you do not wish to sleep with me..i had to try though...i hope you can understand and forgive that.

The reason i'm posting your emails to me now is in an effort to try to balance out all of this hate and negativity that you are posting towards me now...you are painting a very one-sided picture of our relationship...i'm showin another fact that it was MUTUAL and not so one-sided as you would have others believe.

why do you care what worthless pieces of shit like nicobie think of us being friends? or anyone for that matter?

i'm honest with you...that won't change.


Why send me this in a pm, if you are posting it publically? I dont reply to your pm's, so please stop sending them, you are free to post to me on the forum.

i value nicobies friendship over yours anyday.

I doubt you and i were FRIENDS, but more just a couple of people who coresponded for a brief period of time. I am glad i found out what a shit stain you really are, and that i didn't entrust any REAL friendship in you.

I dont recall any msn convos with u, except the one where u wrote a giant monologue about your one and only sexual experience. I remember that one, because i found the way you talked about it to be very unappealing, and now i realised i found u talking about it unapealing, because i find your general existance unapealing. While i dont remember the convo, i remember the ugly way u made me feel while typing your monologue.

I didn't enjoy talking to you on msn the few times that we did, but i always told u that u were a 'real pleasure to talk to', because i kept your feelings in mind. I found you to be very selfish in conversation and i can see how that would transform into the way you lead your life.

2004-07-19, 10:48
i've accepted the fact you do not wish to sleep with me..i had to try though
harb...what kind of car do you own?

2004-07-20, 01:42

no women
no car
no penis


alliteration works for me~

2004-07-20, 04:14
I ride the bus, asshole.lol.....tell us brains....how would you get to oz if $ said she'd spred for you dude.......mommy gonna drive you?

as far as i know TWA don't take bus tokens