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View Full Version : harb, etc's a crybaby

2004-07-20, 03:54


2004-07-20, 04:07
you are out of control old man..and i'm startled to learn of Beej's fate..he was the only fair and open minded moderator we had around here..besides that..he was the only one I had on the payroll who was ON MY SIDE anyway.

Now i'm surrounded by a sea of hostile mod's...with eclectica my only saving grace.calm down naive....what'd i do to mod ya?

2004-07-20, 04:18
you threatened me with an unknown action..that was enough to send SHIVERS down my spine.i guess then dude...according to your game

you lose

2004-07-20, 12:07
sent 2004-07-19 @ 16:41 GMT
please stop


slx FROM DELETING my old posts and or post count...i had 1,942 posts as of 8:30am this morning..i now only have 1,907.

He's out of control and has lost his objectivity only because i got the 'best of him' in a written tour de wits.

you didn't like it when I deleted them..i'm hoping you won't approve of this either.
How many people did you send PMs to yesterday?

2004-07-20, 13:23
just you. and your point being?
You also said in a post above:
"i'm startled to learn of Beej's fate"
So what exactly did you learn and how did you learn it?

2004-07-20, 19:21
You would fuck a guy and in the ass without even the courtesy of a god-damn reach around.
Wrong, I do give reach-arounds.

And moderators were chosen not only to moderate if needed but to keep an eye on things, including myself, and to provide an alternative opinion. Someone needs to see what goes on behind the scenes besides me.

But considering the small amount of activity the forum gets I thought having three moderators was too much. I didn't want it to become cliquish with two classes, one of staff and one of regular members, so I decided that there shouldn't be as much staff. Otherwise regular members would wonder why they never became moderators, if it came to be expected as a promotion. I want people to know that they don't need to become moderators to be somebody relevant or worthwhile here.

I'm sure you would be a good moderator when it comes to your technical skills and your understanding of the mechanics of the forum, as well as your activity here, yet you have an obsessive stalker's personality so actually you would be the last person on the board I would entrust such a thing to.

You said you were "startled to learn of Beej's fate", so I thought that meant you had heard some kind of juicy gossip or heard that something terrible had happened. By the way, one thing I never got an answer on is why (what is their reason?) Beejus was banned from TehRu late last year. I asked him in his forum angryrants.com but the thread got deleted without a response. I also floated the question out in this thread (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showthread.php?t=76) but never got an answer from anyone. Not wanting to be pushy, I never directly asked Beejus but I was hoping someone could give me an answer. So maybe you could, Harby-tim, tell me why he was banned. You have all the gossip, and although your answer may not be accurate it's a starting point to answering that question.

2004-07-20, 21:19
Beejus must have been lurking at TehRu even after being banned there, because he reported to the rest of us the news (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showthread.php?t=209) of Dark's death the day it was announced there, or perhaps he found out by way of email.

2004-07-20, 21:28
Your attempts to 'buy friendship' with Dollar_Girl and slx by making them 'mods' has seemed to pan out for you...congratulations on that sucessful coup...they are totally clueless as to your true character, nature and personality.

You would fuck a guy and in the ass without even the courtesy of a god-damn reach around.not tru buttewipe....i've known e for more years than you've been on the internet....if there's anyone i'd trust it'd be e & i believe his feelings are mutual...

although i never knew bj that well...he always seem'd like a standup, straight shooter to me..

ya know harb, you've always reminded me of rupert murdoch....you're always posting shit b4 you have a clue as to it's authencity..example..vwguy=MrT or slx deleted some of my posts...etc

it leads to zero credibility dude, none, zilch....bottom line, you aren't trusted by anyone.

imo, e'd be as stupid as you r to make you a mod

2004-07-20, 23:49
Beej is not to be trusted..as evidenced by his anti-social behaviours here on this forum and his inability difficulty in establishing close personal friendships with anyone from the community.
Well I noticed about the posting style of Beejus that he often wouldn't follow up on threads that he participated in, so that you might ask him a question and it didn't get answered. But I don't think of him as anti-social. He's just not too engaged with the message board as I am. As far as him having an inability to establish close personal friendships, well I don't agree with that as he seemed to be a pretty friendly and relaxed guy. Did he rebuff your attempts to chat with you or not respond to your PMs and you think that makes him anti-social?

2004-07-21, 03:01
just younot so Rupert.....i got a pm from you asking me to delete all your posts, ban you, etc...

2004-07-21, 03:06
no, i'm just trying to get answers for you concerning his banishment from tehru...why i miss him...well i can't say..all i know now is i got 3 enemies in command over me now..and neither would lift a finger to help me including pissing on me to put out the fire i happen to be in.teru....that's sixx's place or squid's right?....harb, i'm not too sure anyone here gives a rats ass about who got what from there

and i don't consider you an enemy...but you're right about not pissing on you if you were on fire...

2004-07-21, 03:09
i don't recall ever sending you one requesting any of those things.better take another look then rupert...if i make shit up, it's obvious to all

2004-07-21, 03:36
I want all my personally identifiable information removed from this forum...things such as full name, address, telephone number, etc.you can change all those things

2004-07-21, 04:37
not feeling too stable right now.that's cause you're unstable dude....

don't fight it rupert, as a matter of fact, if you'll talk to nic, i'll bet he can tell you how to fix it