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View Full Version : vbulletin.com forum listing

2003-06-18, 01:46

Here is a listing of sites in which people have chosen to list their own board on the vBulletin site. That's just a small sampling of the forums that are out there. I wonder how long it would take to read every post in every forum listed there.

Perhaps a person could be given a prison sentence that ends upon his escape, and told that the combination to the lock on his jail cell is casually embedded somewhere in one of the posts, so he would have to carefully read every post of every forum hoping to find it. It beats breaking up big rocks into smaller rocks all day, though. (But what if the database gets corrupted? Well I guess the judge wasn't kidding when he sentenced you to six hundred two and a half years. Sorry pal!)

When I see all that I realize all the chatter that must be going on there. Can you imagine being in outer space and hearing everybody? Or imagine being able to follow the conversations and thoughts of every person on Earth, all at the same time. Maybe some day there will be a huge neural network in which everybody connects to everybody else.

2003-06-18, 11:52
thats an interesting thought... hearing everybody at once... it would be like one LOUD constant sounds wiht billions of encoded hidden messages. If we take one minute of that MASSIVE sound, and attempt to DECODE it... i wonder how long it woudl take, to seperate it all, and translate it. maybe it woudl take too many life times :director:

sometimes i feel sad when i see an interesting forum where nobody posts, because someone has taken the effort and interest to create it.

2004-09-21, 18:54
i read enough damn it!!!!!
jail terms are for life regardless
$Girl im very good at hearing many things at once
i learnt it from doing music my whole life
not great at theory but my ear is good

i find that when listening to music i cannot enjoy like some do but i know when it sounds good
i pick up the beats on the drums and the notes and stuff
i just know
i feel very comfortable listening to music
ill say i am the second best singer ever to have lived
a big claim yes i know :p
serj tankian of system of a down is the best

2004-09-21, 20:13
i am the second best singer ever to have lived
who's the best then dude

2004-09-21, 21:33
serj tankian of system of a down is the best
lol :p
u just missed it
skim reading do not work too well

2004-09-23, 12:07
Eclectica, dude. You have one hell of an imagination. lol.
Agree with Dollar. It is sad when someone takes the time to run a forum and noone posts. I hope many more people come here.

2004-10-05, 15:08
that has to suck
don't even ask me why im here lmao

2004-10-07, 12:04
lol. So someone is posting here.

2004-10-07, 18:39
lol perhaps
or for the greatness or mankind?
both i think
i am
that is good in its self yes?
u do not have to answer that lol
and one id like not to answer either haha ;)
dosent change things
i just do maybe
i love ya all