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View Full Version : here's the man she's fucking

2004-07-21, 04:18

2004-07-21, 04:43
you're twice as much man as him rupert, i'd not sweat a little sweat between him & $

i don't have the pic of your fat ass on a sofa...if i did, i post it for comparison on how much more man you are than him

2004-07-21, 04:46

2004-07-21, 05:18
see what i mean about e rupe...i didn't even have to ask him and he post'd that pic for me....

dude....you know it's unhealthy to be that fukin fat

2004-07-21, 14:09

nasty bitch

actually dude, that's my dad, before he went grey. That photo is of one of our first christmas' in Australia. We first settled in Adelaide.

2004-07-21, 15:29
No, i do not care about you in any way.

I'm not ashamed dude, i have mentioned a few times before i was dating a much older man. I'm not ashamed of my relaltionship with him, because we don't see our age as an everday obstacle. What's there to be ashamed of dude?

I find that you often have JUST a judgement and no opinion. That makes ur posts worthless, because a judgement has no meaning unless there is an opinion on the matter to back up your conclusion.

You still have not guessed my age, and i think you are lame for thinking u tricked any information out of me. I only volunteer information, i am not manipulated into giving it.

I would gladly have explained that picture to you idiot, it's my father, i have posted that picture on napsterites forum. Do you honestly feel like i was obligated to 'expose' the person in the picture? It's my dad, i mentioned it was my dad, because i love my dad, he deserves a mention.

And how am i 'outted' or 'exposed' dude? Outted from what? What exactly have you exposed? that your lame and pathetic, and give yourself too much credit for intellect that isn't actually there?

2004-07-21, 15:54
no, none of that.

and please I ask you again...be as honest as you can be...you know how i often see you start off paragraphs with the phrase '...to be honest"

i never really like that phrase..because from the start it implies dishonesty.

I really need to know if you care about me right now....i want to say put aside whatever emotions or feelings are at the forefront now in your mind/body/or spirit that may stem from what you see as 'attacks' on you and or uNJUST judgements.

because really for me that's what this is all about...I want and need to know if you care...i can put it in some context for you...here look at this chatlog from lastnight i had with a girl called chibikisune:

No, i do not care about you in any way.

sorry dude, wasn't that clear enough for u?

Didn't read the conversation you posted coz well... reading ur general posts is effort enough, but conversations with others is out of the question... especially since i know they are not worth the read, because well... you're in them.

2004-07-25, 13:38



2004-07-25, 14:00
none of them are cropped, i have just resized them to a more suitable size, as the are very big when transfered from my camera to my computer.

2004-07-25, 14:08
no dude, he's not cut off from the neck down, it's a full body shot.

2004-07-25, 14:54
all that said and I still wouldn't cross the street to fuck you...let alone span an entire continent to do so.

are you incapable of holding a normal conversation, without resorting to stupid comments like this?

2004-07-25, 15:45
You have a beautiful smile Dollar_Girl.

2004-08-08, 14:42
You have a beautiful smile Dollar_Girl.

do i have to repeat myself???
its the lips lol

2004-08-10, 06:41
and ur man is a hunk