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View Full Version : whose the lowdown, dirty cowardly shithead messing with my sig?

2004-07-21, 19:18
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-07-21, 22:57
$ was right rupert....you respond to your shit more than anyone else here does

2004-07-22, 00:47

2004-07-22, 00:54
quickliedude...by his own admission, his pekr's only the size of a beenieweenie, hardly large enough to choke on, i think

2004-07-22, 02:33
don't believe everything you read on the internet...you should have learned this by now:
sometimes an admission can be deceptive even outright lies too!dude...you mean it ain't as big as a beenieweenie?

shame on you for exaggerating

2004-07-22, 14:52
i don't know what a beenieweenie is. You American's have weird names for things... like eating a "twinkie"... what's a twinkie anyway.

2004-07-22, 19:25
beenieweenies are a can'd product....very small hotdog like things in something that looks like pork & beans....i've seen them but would never eat them

twinkies are small cream filled, elongated cupcake like snacks....those i've had

2004-07-23, 15:13
eating meat out of a can is just nasty.

At work we use the "fake ham" instead of normal ham... we buy in bulk, so u get this gigantic frozen mass of fake ham that i then have to put gloves on, and seperate... and when i am done, i swear to the gods i have like an inch of lard covering my gloves. I read the ingrediant list... it was longer than the lyrics to a coolio song... and at the end of it all it said it was only like "65% pork" or whatever... which made me wonder wtf the other 35% was... *shiver*

ALso... prawns in a can... that is just weird.