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View Full Version : yo...harb, etc...

2004-07-22, 01:49
please stop editing post prior to deleting them....as a matter of fact, don't delete anymore of your posts

remember, i ask you please, in my best nice way dude

2004-07-22, 02:25
this bored has a PM function, asshole. use it next time you wish to address me.sorry charles.....it won't happen...everything i say is open to everyone

2004-07-22, 02:29
sorry charles.....it won't happen...everything i say is open to everyone

that's the best way man. I mean... he archives everything anyway, u may as well archive your responses and questions yourself on a public board.

2004-07-22, 05:46
this bored has a PM function, asshole. use it next time you wish to address me.
Your PMs aren't working anymore

2004-08-06, 05:08
i ask'd you once, nicely, on behalf of everyone that posts here, not to delete anymore posts.....

oh & BTW...if you find you can't do some of the things you're used to doing.....don't ask....

figure it out chubbs

2004-08-06, 13:39
what 'bee' crawled up your bonnet, missy? don't be so magnanimous...what magnificient deed are you peforming for the sake of others this time?
don't ask....

figure it out chubbs

2004-08-06, 17:57
u guys don't change..............
this place is crazy

2004-08-06, 19:38
good and bad
though change is nice
i left it up to interpretation as i do often
if i had bad feeling for u guys i would say so no?

2004-08-06, 21:47
i only kick a dog that bites me
nicobie is rude and seems to not care about other people
we all have problems and i am always happy to help people out with them
most people are only judging people because of the way it effects them not on how the person is treating themselves and the effect on the relation between other people

2004-08-07, 00:08
ok some things people judge u over because it effects them
but if something is effecting you and making me feel bad in that way i feel i should help
if someone is treating themselves and shaping their image in a bad way then i se
if its not effecting me there isn't any reason not to help anyway except being a bastard - something i try not to be
im not sure if i helped or not Tim
i know what i mean :p

2004-08-07, 01:15
look deep within urself
ur mind will bring it into place
some things are hard to realise and some are hard to explain

2004-08-07, 07:15
privacy and secrecy and the not so great divide they share now
if things weren't meant to be worked out then why do we have brains with such capacity and capability?
and the both of u are being nasty taking jabs it's not very nice if ya ask me :(