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View Full Version : Put my name back in lights please

2004-07-22, 02:35

2004-07-22, 02:40
It appears 'i've won' again..what is it i've won?

alienation from Dollar_Girl? nah, I never really had friendship from her anyway.

hatred from eclectica? quite possibly...do I care ...yes.

mild annoyance from slx? looks that way

utter contempt from nicobie...i'd say that's about right.

what have we learned here?

never, ever trust or give friendship to anyone on the net they are all pathetic, desparate people...who will lie, manipulate and use us as they see purposefully fit to do so.

Their allicances are DUPLICITOUS in nature and are ONLY HONOURED when it SUITS THEIR PURPOSES to do so.

i'm gone at the end of this month anyway...so let me have one last rampage...as i said before THIS forum is the END for me..i'll never again seek to maintain an online prescence with anyone...not like i've done ever again.

If i come back online..i won't particpate in any 'message board games' ...sing that to the tune of rudolph the red-nosed reindeer and how he feels alienated not being able to join in any games.

I'm alienated and isolated from people in the real world...the internet and these forums have been a substitution for me living my life.

I've made one real friend here...her name is Lisa Herrera and I love her dearly...have known her for nearly three years now.

I thought I had a friendship with Dollar_Girl apparently I was wrong in thinking that....just wishful thinking on my part...mistooken interpretations.

what have I exposed about dollar?

who knows if i'll ever be able to answer that adequately...I know I will never think upon her in the same manner again. I've seen a cruel, heartless and soulless person revealed here thanks to me..yes, kat i've brought out your worst and have seen it now.

If anything maybe it will give you some insight and perspective into my 'going after' of others..like Diego, and gazdet...if I can turn this 'sweet, innocent, benevolent' "saint" of a woman into such a snarling beast.

Just think how kind, wonderful and caring Gary Robinson and Dale 'Diego' Hayes must be without my manipulation upon their characters...did i make my own monsters?

Am I also a created monster? Yes, the monster known as 'harby' was manufactured by none other than hellbound who i've now 'ruined' online by causing her to lose her moderator 'job' over at p2pzone..through my own brand of unique and clever duplictious manipulations similiar to what you've observed here in drawing out and extracting the true esscence of Dollar_Girl...she is a lying sack of shit..i haven't finished proving that...it would take so fucking long to expose every lie she's ever told me.

The greatest lie was that of friendship...it was phoney...for that I'll forgive her someday...just not today.

remove sympathy from your hearts for me...when you think of me in future tense with 'tim/harby' now a part of a long gone past..what will you think of concerning me?

for Dollar_Girl hopefully it will be this: "what a jerk"

for you others: 'an asshole', a prick...duplicitous coward...other bad things.

did I do any good for any of you in the whole of the time knowing me...should 'knowing' be in quotes?

what was real for you is fantasy to me.

any friendships you thought you had..were merely more illusions in my grand scheme of humiliation i had set in mind for you since day one only this thought echoing those hallowed vacant halls reverberating in the sinewy cellestial cells of my bitter empoverished brain: BETRAYAL was my plan.

mission accomplished asshole...you've deceived them..deceived them all...what have you won?

not a god damned thing.

how hallow your victory...how vacant the sad stare now glowing from the reflection in the screen.

is there a *yawning* smilie anywhere?


2004-07-22, 02:41
never, ever trust or give friendship to anyone on the net they are all pathetic, desparate people...who will lie, manipulate and use us as they see purposefully fit to do so.

now you know why we all find you so repulsive harb....

2004-07-22, 04:23
Dollar_Girl...eclectica...slx...nicobie...Lisa Herrera...Dollar_Girl...dollar...Diego...gazdet...Gary Robinson...Dale 'Diego' Hayes...'harby'...hellbound...p2pzone...Dollar_Girl...'tim/harby'...Dollar_Girl
how small your world is

2004-07-22, 05:13
what's more ironic is your steadfastness to hold onto me..acting as if I am deleting a piece of your soul when I delete a post.

Changing my username unasked from 'tim' to 'Harby'

changing my signature to 'I am disgusting'

why won't you delete my posts then?

is it because you fucking care about me?

if not then delete every last one of them...not like it's your heart or soul i'm deleting...so you wanna hurt me? point out how 'small' my world is?

your level of caring is similiar for this forum and these very same people...don't pretend your any better than me...you aren't and you know that.

I know what a sick puppy you are.you're wrong on all counts harb....you're here posting because of my beliefs, not e's...

i believe even the lowest life form has a place in the world and should be allow'd to squander in their world....you're no exception dude....just shit in the toilet waiting to get flush'd

and if it happens, it won't be e that pulls the cord, it'll be worn out old slx...dude

count on it ;)