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View Full Version : this land is your land, this land is my land

2004-07-29, 12:23
There is a funny Shockwave video out that I recommend you see. You can download two variations of it here:
JibJab - Gregg & Evan Spiridellis - This Land parody (feat George Bush & John Kerry).swf (http://www.p2pjihad.org/eclectica/JibJab - Gregg & Evan Spiridellis - This Land parody (feat George Bush & John Kerry).swf) 3.8 MB swf file
JibJab_ThisLand.exe (http://www.p2pjihad.org/eclectica/JibJab_ThisLand.exe) 8.9 MB exe file
If you have a browser with a Shockwave plugin you can use that to open the smaller file, or if not then you can download the exe file.

The people who own the original song's copyright are complaining that this political satire is a violation of their copyright. Once again this demonstrates how "intellectual property" and "copyright" stifle creativity and innovation. You can read the news article about it here:

2004-08-02, 20:03
An update on this case can be found at EFF here (http://www.eff.org/deeplinks/archives/001779.php). It turns out that the tune to the song "This Land is Your Land" was written by someone earlier than Woody Guthrie, so that means at most the words could be said to be copied and not the tune.

2004-08-03, 10:59
How about if I post some P2P links?

JibJab has already spent over 20 thousand dollars in bandwidth, and their website was even shut down a few times when it ran over their alloted bandwidth limit. They could certainly have saved themselves a fortune if they had only just posted P2P links on their website and released it via P2P instead of http download.

When I first tried to download it, their site was down, so I got it from eDonkey instead. Here are some links - working and already well spread:

8.47MB file ed2k://|file|JibJab_ThisLand_PC.zip|8883771|7D651149352FA70E94B63AEAAF4F2C90|/

3.63MB file (req.Shockwave) ed2k://|file|Bush.and.Kerry.sing.'This.Land'.(jibjab).swf|3804090|7E372F71B21CD64D562D0FB9CEEEFD2A|/

2004-08-03, 12:21
When I first tried to download it, their site was down, so I got it from eDonkey instead.
That's how I got it too. I got the same hash as you for the larger file
but a different hash for the smaller file
If you add the tags [ url ] at the beginning and [ /url ] at the end they work properly here on the forum.

Using ED2K links is a great way to share files. Everybody should have a p2p client at home in order to have access to a wealth of information and a huge library. ED2K links allows the internet to expand into the domain of servers running off of personal computers, rather than being limited to the servers of webhosting companies.

2004-08-04, 06:48
I was a big fan of eDonkey when I started using it over 3 years ago. Even back then when it had under a thousand users, downloading files from forum-posted hashlinks was immensely better than using any other P2P network. Unfortunately, it took another 2 years before the idea of hashlinks became universally accepted among p2p developers, largely due to the work of Shareaza's Mike Stokes in creating his own Gnutella hashlinks.

But P2P has been very slow to catch on with the mainstream website developers and content providers. Only very few public-domain files ever get released this way, and these are mainly Linux distributions. To make matters worse, the broadband industry often totally ignores the needs of p2p users - such as providing only puny 128kbs uploads regardless of downstream bandwidth , it is becoming increasingly asymmetrical and p2p-unfriendly.

I look forward to the day when broadband is symmetrical and all operating systems have built-in p2p capability.

2004-08-10, 06:32
my emule with 350 Gig of stuff left to dl just stopped working
i deleted soem temp files u know how to help me out there dude?

2004-08-10, 11:48
eMule stops working for me after a few days, though it shows as being connected, and the way I fix it is to restart the computer.

2004-08-10, 13:01
no this if very different
and possibly disatrous
ive been using it for months
it was fine apart from the fact it hangs cause of the amount of downloads i have to do yet
BUT NOW it will not start at all
i try to d/c the emule .exe and it will not start
not stating and not connecting or starting connecting and not doing anything
its not like when sometimes a program crashes and stays as a process and u try to open it again and u just keep getting the name of it in ur process list
it will not start
i am lost as to what i can do
there must be a tool
or at least something to convert to edonkey temp.file style
i think they so parts or something so it dosent work with edonkey if u direct it to ya emule temp folder
anyone think there may be someone who can help me on this big fuckup?

2004-08-14, 19:00
Its been torrented too.

2005-02-12, 22:20
jib jab
so funny
Bush actually has a victory song?
anyone heard that?
i did but i do not have it