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View Full Version : Unhappy Life?

2004-08-02, 02:01
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-08-02, 04:57
i think that sounds like amatuer philosophy written by some kid who is attempting to sound smarter than he/she actually is. they have potential though.

This story also focused on how the most unhappy people are those who seek to know everything, who want to be involved in politics and everyday events. And the happiest people are those who are igorant to all of those trival matters.

this ignorance is actually selfishness and self-elevation of importance in the world. I hardly think politics and everyday events are "trivial matters"... maybe i should stop giving a shit that people are dying of aids, that children are stepping on landmines in countries that are no longer involved in war, or that children in masses of countries dont have access to education.... or that kids in india are dying of something as curable as dehydration due to having the runs... maybe i'd be happier if i didnt' care about these 'trivial' matters... but society functions on the assumption that we all work not only to help ourselves, but to also help each other, wether directly or indirectly.

this is my favourite line the kid thought up :

but you know what..what good will that do anybody, we went to war already, people died, stop obsessing about it..

it really is a favourite of mine!

i feel people should whip their kids into shape...

This person is obviously ready to be a parent, with their fantastic summary of how to raise well behaved children. Either that or be a polititian with their fantastic problem solving abilities.

women should care for their homes and get jobs

another intelligent remark... women should care for their homes and get jobs... well u know, many do... and ontop of that, they raise children, they study at univeristy and they even manage to walk around in stilettos while doing all of this.

when i am dying I am going to reflect how horrible life is and bluh bluh

what a sad, sad, quote... when they're dying, they will jsut be thinking about how shit their life has been? instead of how lucky they were to have had a family, how lucky they were to be educated and fed... how great it has been to feel the sunshine on their skin and feel the cool rain at their feet...

the reason that Russion Literature isn't so popular is because people don't want to hear about all of life's true unpleasantness...

this person, growing up in their safe american home or whatever, obviously has no idea about WHERE THIS RUSSIAN LITERATURE has come from, no clue about the deep roots of russian society and their mind set, their politics.

My father tells me he remembers a time in Russia where a neighbour went next door and killed that neighbour just to eat his loaf of bread, because he was starving.

Maybe when 'dear diary' is starving, or watching their family starve or be murdered, then they'd be close to the russian mindset and roots of their literature and unhappiness. when 'dear diary' has bigger deprivation issues than why they didnt' get a new nintendo or whatever for christmas, then maybe they'd realise that old russian literature does not necessarily sum up global society, or work as a structure to modern western society etc

2004-08-03, 13:34
i notice you respond to people, rather than to topics of interest or importance. That is yet more evidence that you post at forums to seek attention, instead of having genuine intentions of communicating thoughts on topics via posts and threads.

2004-08-03, 13:54
wow dude, i'm so devestated.

2004-08-06, 21:05
u 2 never stop
maybe u are both in denial now :p lmao
anyway this thread up the top it said something about knowing things leading to unhappyness and ignorance being bliss (not exact words but close(and i hate quoting))
well to start with in ignorance we must not know anything at all
because our conciosness ask question that need to be answered
would we be mere instinctive animals were it not for our intelligence and questioning?
intelligence can lead to happyness
happyness does not mean that everything is perfect
there is no such thing as perfect
i could always know something more or run faster or shine brighter
there are limits but they can be broken and changed or destroyed
if i realise there is good and accept it and realise there is bad and accept it do i feel unhappy because of the bad?

people worry too much about what they know and less about what they do
people that try learn everything never learn that they can never learn everything
like looking my keys and looking looking looking and finding them in the last place i look
chicken before the egg
all very puzzling things ,which i think, give birth to the religions and philosohpies
i could go on but i won't for now

2004-08-07, 02:50
no man - no dilema
we cannot do that
let him get his own
if it was ur daughter yes
or ur mother who was being cheated on
sometimes are too risky to get involved in
she would rip his head off u WILL GET SHOT!

2004-08-07, 22:54
reminds me of that new offspring song - hit that
fuck them dude
she has some major baggage
not that she isnt a nice girl but why is he runnin off?
i remember my mother always saying my father was bad and it was both of em but she was worse in the end
people can be like that so very much
they loose the love and just want relults
better house
more food
no bills waiting all the time
it becomes completely materlial and not based on love but maintaining it
when they are blinded by it and they do not di it right
people are having so much trouble getting along now adays

and i think its aids
a MANMADE virus
(think about it and then do some research)
sex is being treated as taboo in many religions and cultures
i think we go completely open with it and get to the fucking
and focus a full years worth of research money to STD's
(we have the same abbreviation for long distance calls in this country-i mean the genital diseases of course)
our polutations are dropping and becoming older
people are having less children
soon nthe U.N. will move in and clear the towns and make big fences and herd us in and we will not be able to fight
they weaken us now but the no one enemy is ourselves
people be kind to urself and think about things

2004-08-08, 01:24
no $ sorry girl was wrong there
balance sure but problem before people?
remember no man no problem!!
ur discuss them with people because that is how they arise
now if a person creates a problem do we look on at the problem? in this world yes but it should be no
prevention is better than cure
we all know that
but we don't live it
people have a different perpective when challanging themselves
they do not want to get hurt
i think we all need to get along
then solve problems
we would be better talking to bots otherwise
this is our community our relationship
we are not a commitie on the board
we are the people
and Tim u only get from it what u want from it

2004-08-08, 01:40
to an evil man is evil not beauty?
Tim u can never be the absolute end noone can
there is no perfect
i could always know something else
even fortune teller cannot see past ur own decicions
and one though u may like to dwell
how can u know others if u do not know urself
why u tick why u do what u do
u understand people that way
and if there was such a thing as perfection who would be the judge
only someone with more insight and knowledge
once again destroying the idea of perfection

2004-08-08, 01:43
and think is it u that u are the one influencing here to be evil and fake as u put it
she isn't like that to me
am i missing something?
without u here she would not be saying these things
and u do not know her totally to begin with so why can u make a judgement?

2004-08-08, 01:59
beauty spirals nowhere
it is everywhere
but evil is to go down and be destroyed
external forces do shape very much no matter how hard u do not want them to
ive wished myself dead at times dude but it changes
pissing me off will get u dead but hey im in a good mood right now
there is a possibility of good in everyone dude
just realise why u have got it not just whine that u do not have it

2004-08-08, 03:11
it's funny that you say there is goodness inside of me...remembering the time you wished me dead.
There are people who I wish death upon that I also recognize have some good in them. But weighing everything in the balance, I find their bad traits outweigh their good traits.

2004-08-08, 09:39
i have all my life dude
till the day i die
i can snap
but i am mostly very patient
its another quality i have even more room to evolve with
i do not believe evil to not be eternal but very much eternal
it must always be countered
it is always rising and must be pushed down so it does not outweigh the good
we should not let external forces do things to us we do not want them to
we do not always know what we want
and im just kidding im not killing anyone
i believe in defence and defence only
if everyone did would there be war?
and also i do not claim enlightenment
i have reached certain point of the journey but i have many to go
we all do
u havent quite beaten me yet
if u can bring out the worst i think u have already