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View Full Version : Crimian_The_Pefectly_Merciless_And_Just

2004-08-04, 14:28
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-08-04, 14:32
lill' dude, i havn't signed into my msn messanger for so many weeks and weeks. I dont plan on doing so, just to delete you. i plan on not signing in there, so i won't see u there anyway! Sounds like a good deal to me.

2004-08-04, 14:39
... =
today I removed Crim from my msn messenger...i haven't heard from him for a long time. Partly it could be my fault that I haven't since when he gave his goodbye speech on this site I was kind of mocking and not taking him seriously.

The reason I wrote:
Crimian_The_Pefectly_Merciless_And_Just is because that is what currently shows up on my Msn Messenger...MSN messenger comics are like old war planes,generals, and filesharer's they never go away...just fade from existence.

Anyway when I removed him from my contact list...all it will do is take him out of my contact list and give me the option to block him...I can still see him in the Privacy tab for msn messenger settings as not being a part of my contact list.

If you right-click on a name there by going to Tools>Options>Privacy..you usually get these four options:

1)Add to Contacts
2)Move to Allow List

Number 3 will usually be grayed out not allowing you the option of deleting that person If that person is a MUTUAL contact meaning he/she has added you to their friends list as well.

So technically I can delete someone from my contacts but still have them remain there in Tools>Options>Privacy due to the fact they have added me to their friends list..only after that person removes you from their friend's or contact list by going into Tools>Options>Privacy right-clicking on your name and selecting 'delete' will you then be able to delete them permanently from your contact list.

Katarina delete me from your contact list...are you still in control of any of those other email addresses I listed? I listed those because eclectica showed me it was possible to register old hotmail accounts that had expired from inactivity..and I think he registered a few of yours coz he's a sick puppy just like me lol.

Anyway the sad thing about removing someone from your contact list is you lose whatever cool name they were using at the time for example Crim was using:

Crimian_The_Perfectly_Merciless_And_Just once I remove him I want see his custom name choice anymore and if in the future I should relent and add him back to contacts I'll only see his email address showing up in my contacts.

That means the person is either blocking you from seeing them online, hasn't added you back or hasn't logged into the account for the preferences to update themselves.

I found it comforting that Katarina hadn't deleted me this way yet...perhaps she doesn't know how? hopefully this will remedy that...and sadly so at the same time.
However Crim was told me that she(Katarina) relieved my hope and mekajinn explained that hoping for something that wasn't ever gonna happen was a bad thing to do.

So it looks like she and I will never speak again on msn nor will we have a venetian palace in the sky with venetian blinds. In other words my fairytale fantasy of being with her is never to be fulfilled.

It's harsh for me to accept this reality.

2004-08-04, 20:26
Criminal_Sniper, I have no idea where he went. I thought he was going on some kind of Summer vacation to Germany but he didn't say where he was actually going. He said he was going to the Bodhi Tree but I didn't take it literally. Hopefully he'll be back at some point.

2004-08-05, 03:59
I hope he finds the happiness he sought and never has to come back here...it is also my wish for each of us...the final four who remain...eclectica, slx, katarina and nicobie.
I'm not here because I'm unhappy with life.

2004-08-05, 04:10
I hope he finds the happiness he sought and never has to come back here...it is also my wish for each of us...the final four who remain...eclectica, slx, katarina and nicobie.

i notice the 'final four' excludes yourself.

I'm not here because i'm unhappy with life either.

2004-08-05, 15:02
observations you have made based upon your own keen insights into my being.you're fat & stupid

2004-08-05, 21:38
...do you really think if I had a problem with my self image I would have posted that picture or others of myself?that's what makes you stupid...you don't care about being a fat slob or your self image....

another thing that makes you stupid as a rock is the belief that you have some magical control over us and "lead us to the water".......stupid, simply stupid

and fat

2004-08-06, 00:05
I think you are fat and stupid too. Really stupid. But also really, really fat.

Are you more stupid than you are fat? I dont know... maybe. It's one of those undetermined mysteries.

2004-08-06, 18:07
great to see im a topic of convo every now n then
means u guys must miss me :p
i went for a little trip and i am not really back completely

and guys it does not matter if u are fat skinny dumb or smart its ur intentions
who are people to predefine a basic judgement like which is best or worse
feeling is how to tell
all i feel here is anger right now and ive not read much since
come on people unite and come together even if we are different
divide it up into meals once we have hunted down the beast u could say

2004-08-06, 19:12
So you're back. I guess with the latest news of the arrests of our fellow mujahedeen in Britain and Pakistan there was too much heat to be acting now.

http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/images/icons/icon14.gif Here's a thumb's up for your return here, or alternatively you could look at it as an erect penis to show you how happy I am to see you again.

2004-08-06, 20:01
well im back much sooner than i thought
very happy to see u all to thanx Tim
NOW E u are a dirty buggar aren't ya?
now im feelin the love
i didnt have to go anywhere to find happyness
perhaps just to realise it
experience is as experience does

2004-08-06, 23:07
perhaps u had better quit while slightly ahead :p or behind im not sure

2004-08-06, 23:27
well, Crim is back on my msn now..that means there is hope for you too, Katarina.

if i'm suposed to judge you by intentions as criminal sniper said, then i think u are the lowest shit stain of humanity, because ur intentions are imature, selfish, ego-centric, disgusting, pathetic and STUPID.

Eitherway, same conclusion, you are stupid.

And i would gladly wipe my arse with ur 'soul', once ur arteries are fully clogged up from all that butter.

2004-08-07, 01:11
yeah she might not care because she does not love u
would make sense to me

2004-08-07, 06:33
going by ur reasoning dude someone could go rape someone in the street and tease them and make them feel bad and question thier intelligence and emotional intelligence because they didn't want it?
is that fair to do?
dude get over it
do not hold expectations and then u cannot expect to be dissapointed
im not saying make goals but be reasonable
white will not turn to black no matter how hard u wish it
does someone get me?
don't want so much
it makes it harder to stop getting it or not get it to start with
so if ur needs are balanced below ur wants (the trivial bits in life - but important to enjoy while they last but don't fret-the first step to failure)
and get ur priority list in order
we are all a little bit wacked out of order at some point
whats ur path?
in order?
family 1?
love 2? 1?

mines like spiritual/mental 1 then family2 then outside things like community and politics n etc 3 then work and money 4 and living in a mansion 5 lol