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View Full Version : shani/tim collaboration

2004-08-05, 01:58
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-08-05, 02:39
It sounded terrible in the quality so you may consider getting a cheap microphone somewhere. The quality was so bad that I couldn't appreciate whether the song was good or not. Also maybe recording with a program like Goldwave would give you more options than Microsoft's sound recorder.

2004-08-06, 01:21
are you now stalking and harassing shani too? :coward:

2004-08-06, 02:58
you are desparate for my fucking attention...just like your friend slx

you know lil' man, i think u try really hard to convince us of that. Don't give up, you won't always be a failure :eyesdown:

2004-08-06, 03:19
i didn't believe in ugly untill i saw u in your shitting position.

You are not important enough to hate humpty. It's time to understand that your not special enough to have such an impact on someone.

You'll be alright, someone out there will believe in u one day!

til then stupido, u remain the shit stain of humanity.


2004-08-06, 03:52
'you' didn't believe in ugly? you've always believed in ugly and have just been hypocritical about it your whole life. until 'this exposure' i've done...and seemingly STILL DOING NOW...no one knew the real you...no one likes the real you...go back to being your phoney, fake-ass self...people eat that shit up.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :eatout:

2004-08-06, 04:19
this thread got 27 unique views from 27 different ip addresses.

i see that dawn and napho are viewing this thread..that means that other 'so-called' napsterites including 'tehru's' are looking at this too.

Which is EXACTLY what WE WANTED to have happen...we've sucessful generated traffic and interest in this site by fabricating a controversy.

So let me take this opportunity to ask a few more of u napsterites to register and start posting over here....in particuliar miss_silver I would like to have register and post here..but all are welcome none the less.

WE don't need gazdet...you can speak freely here with NO REPURCUSSIONS, NO-CENSORING or CENSORSHIP....just come here and post fellow napsterites.

incidentally it's been fun having you mention my name on p2pzone..for so long I went without hearing it mentioned..but to reach out and troll from banishment is like the ultimate rush for me.

Sorry I fucked nicobie over so badly by confusing the shit out of him...sorry nic...i feel bad for doing that...but you sucessfully let those who didn't know find out about this site's existence.

btw Hellbound (Lisa)...i decided not to meet you at the airpost during the time you were in my area...you can thank me for that later.


hey napsterites! you want a place to post with no censorship and freedom to say what you want?

Post here...all us can still stay together that way..who gives a shit about 3 year old posts anyway?


2004-08-06, 05:05
let me know ur schedule for this week and i'll try to be around (online) when you are..if you want me to call you..pm me ur details.

i don't think so dude.

what's the name of that place where u work again?

i never mentioned it to u, and i really don't plan on doing so.