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2004-08-06, 10:50
Today I payed off my vehicle registration fee for the car, which is $71.50 for two years.

The first issue I would like to address is how I am opposed to the raising of fees and tolls to make up for the inability of a government to have the will to raise taxes. The way the tax system works is that people who have more wealth get taxed at a higher rate. That is called a progressive tax rate. By turning from taxes to fees for revenue, it benefits the wealthy because they pay the same as everybody else when they would normally pay more.

The second issue I would like to address is the commercialism which the New York state government has tolerated in order to make more money. With my vehicle registration form I received advertisements for a Best Buy home entertainment system, address labels, Geico car insurance, Mastercard, and Ford Explorer. This to me is an embarassment to the government, the New York state department of motor vehicles, that they have prostituted themselves with advertisements. Perhaps the advertisements will come with jury duty notifications next.

Politicians like to congratulate themselves whenever they save some of the taxpayer's money. In this case they did save some money by bringing in revenue for the State. But it is more of a loss than gain, and it weakens the credibility and integrity of the government. I am also opposed to the government investing in sports stadiums, because of the commercialism that is in sports (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showthread.php?t=16).

Commercialism is not inevitable or unavoidable. Commercialism is a mental pollution, and worthwhile organizations will avoid propagating it.

2004-08-06, 12:02
Out of interest... here are prices for Vehicle Registration in Queensland :


2004-08-06, 19:25
Bill Clinton declared in his 1996 state of the Union address: "the era of big government is over". More often we are seeing that the government is contracting out schools and prisons or jobs to corporations. Anyone who says that the era of big government is over is implicitly saying that the era of big corporations has begun. The power is being shifted away from the public to the corporations. That is not a good thing.

While president Bill Clinton approved NAFTA, which allowed corporations to move overseas with no penalty and oversight, and showed impotence in dealing with the problem in Rwanda, in which 800,000 people were killed. That is Bill Clinton's proud legacy of ending big government.

2004-08-08, 18:29
In regards to taxes, there is a tendency for people to want out of government exactly what they put into it. I think instead people who are wealthy or well off should pay a higher rate. There is a thing called the "marriage penalty", which is that married people with children pay higher taxes than single people with children. That too is a good thing, because married couples have better resources and abilities to raise children. Single parents have it hard and need a bigger tax break.

A friend of mine who is single asked why he should have to pay taxes on things like schools when he doesn't have children himself. I couldn't think of an answer at the time and I agreed that it was unfair. But now I do have an answer for that. Anyone raising children is investing in the future of a country, so ought to be given breaks. It is the collective responsibility of everyone in the country to help raise the children, regardless of whether they have children or not themselves.

And so when paying your taxes ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

2004-08-08, 21:47
i would pay for the worlds education food and sanitixed living conditions if i could
if i ended up with a thankyou from each one i would not ever need anything again
people like to get thier backs rubbed but do not rub the next persons because they feel they do not have to
giving is living to me
what happens when that person did have kids would he be complaining about the tax?
or complaining that there aren't enough taxes to cover it?
i believe in Australia we pay for some things many times over
no doubt most countries do somewhat
nothing is fair nothing is equal
nothing is going to be in this system
we need to fuck the system and break out of the maze
the whole reason things are as the are is because they have made us believe that we need them and we would be utterly destroyed without it
anarchy lol they say would cave in on its self
millions of years worth or existance
us about 3
i think we may have some time but do u not think we would have left this shithole
i mean comeon
anyone in thier right mind.................
its not too bad just so very dark and negative at times
we are in a very dark and confused part of this universe