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View Full Version : how are you affected by the seasons?

2004-08-07, 17:47
I believe that we are affected by the seasons and the weather but the change is so small and gradual that we don't notice it. I've noticed that I like certain types of food and music depending on the seasons. For example, in the Winter I think of the music from boards of canada a lot. I think what affects me is not only the temperature but the length of the day. That is because my Winter seems to start in August and end some time in February. I am basing what I call my Winter on when my interests in music change. I also do some of my best creative writing in the Winter.

Along with my appetite, my energy levels and how much sleep is needed varies, but does not follow so closely a pattern tied to the seasons. I can't figure out what causes my sexual drive to fluctuate. Sometimes I'll go through periods where I'll be really horny for a few weeks, and at other times my sex drive is low for a few weeks. I try to figure out what causes the changes, if it is food, drugs, or something else.

It must be even harder for a woman to figure this all out, with the cycle of hormones also factored in.

2004-08-08, 00:56
no this is very different
E ur onto something
it's astrology dude
magnetic and electrical fields
the movement of the planets
check out some of the real shit out there and u will be amazed
some people live a lie so they do not count
either do the fakes
i managed to start seeing my own physical aura yesterday so im pretty excited
now i have emotional, mental, and spiritual ones to be able to see
its all there but its like our memories they just can't be accessed very well
explain to me how u get all that data in and ill tell u ur crazy
but back to a point (perhaps)

try some kundalini to have total balance
some meditation
ive never been so relaxed as when i meditate

i had a very strange experience in india
i was meditating and i started to shiver and it broke my concentration after some time and i knew i wasn't cold because of where i was sitting
a small hall with a tiled floor and it wasn't cold at all day or night there
but i only got the goose bumps and the shiver not the feeling of cold
wierd thing is i couldn't stop it
it was about 2 days and i was really getting annoyed and worried so i went to see some friends Sandeep and Hrishi(kesh) and they got me inside asking how did i get so chilled, my nose was running and i felt like i had a head cold at that point
i told them i had no feeling of cold but symptoms
they asked me to meditate with them and i did
i was too deep in it and the shivers did not bother me
they woke me the next day while i was still sitting up and asked me to lunch
i totally had little idea of what happened between the time i started and stopped
they explained they were helping me through thier own minds
sort of covering me with thier auras and influencing me
it worked and i was amazed
i later was told their names meanings
Hrishikesh means one who controls senses and Sandeep means a lighted lamp
i though it was very fitting
i don't believe in fate but i believe it was supposed to happen almost
like they knew or something but didn't know how to explain it
ive got a somewhat different outlook from the things ive seen and expirienced
hope to enlighten u all on these things someday

2004-08-08, 02:51
That experience you had with the meditation and the chills sounds like there was some LSD involved.

2004-08-08, 09:42
ive done a lot of coke in the past but very little LSD
i do not think that was the case