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View Full Version : I've Lost

2004-08-10, 05:32
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-08-10, 06:30
u have won what?
u have lost much and still want it more than ever
the thing u fight so hard for is the thing u push farthest away

nothing is destined to anything
it would a joke to say because of the complexity of things and the fact that we have free will and choices to make

think that the bad done to u may be of ur own working

for example
u walk down a street and bump into someone
he gets in a bad mood
he bumps into someone else who does the same and walks past u and bumps into u
directly or indirectly everything u do or do not do effects u

not stopping a madman running down ur street cause u do not want to get involved and going home to find ur wife and children cut to pieces

and life is so complex to ever get started listing the possibilities of this aspect of things

thing is to accept and undestand and it wil come easier

2004-08-10, 15:23
lost lol
aren't we all?

2004-08-10, 16:32
i didn't hear differently Tim
the forum is still here
noone needs blame on thier already dampened souls but critisism and rebuilding
and ur ego is the cause of ur arrogance & selfisness

2004-08-10, 23:18
for one dude do NOT call me A Buddha
i am definately NOT worthy of that right now

and secondly do u not know girls can be bigger hornbags than us?
except, that i know of, they do not have the problem of not being able to switch it off like we do lol

i was thinking why certain groups of people keep moving around so much?
maybe u are all fucked up mothers? j/k (only a little)
maybe u have all been crazy from the start
maybe there is no reason
no fucking decision

with free will the prob is that evil is so much easier than good
u PEOPLE find it so much easier to do the former
and to use double standards and be very hypocritical

hey tim i do not drink anymore
cool hey? ever snce India
not even a craving after years of alcohol abuse!!!!!!!!?:D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the ciggarettes down to under 7 or 8 a day(none if im uncapilalized)
from 50-75 a day
howzbout a clap
or a jerky sign
im easy to please :p

2004-08-10, 23:50
bleak no lol
im always being called a cynic and such
i think im being optimistic pointing out the bad and loving the good
fuck all who challenge that i do not care

TX for the jerky too :D