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View Full Version : repost: This is Sad

2004-08-10, 19:09
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-08-10, 23:32
satan himself would have slapped u by now Tim
let alone God
and God is less important than Jesus? What The Fuck
has he been usurped somewhere towards the end of the good usurped book?
u have no control of ur own soul let alone be the holder of anothers
and its not the way it goes
u are not the fucking haystack u are the needle

and ur question about posting this or not is so flawed (or at least mind numbingly stupid)

its like me fucking boning a nice girl and thinking when im about to come
should i fuck this bitch?

think about it

2004-08-11, 00:01
maybe lost
but if u do not look in urself to notice it missing or to look for it once u have
its all vision, acceptance, asking questions , undertanding, and love
they will never be lost they are very much natural

hey im readin The Da Vinci code by Dan Brown (i think thats the name)

fuckin awesome shit
ill give ya a copy if u havent read it u would enjoy