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View Full Version : whew

2004-08-11, 20:23
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-08-12, 02:07
you know? it seems like we are our own offshoot now of whatever was once the napster forum..if that makes any sense at all to anyone here.

I've seen 5 regular visitors here who can be considered members

They are in no particuliar order:


i've also seen there other 'ip's' viewing threads of which I cannot account for or determine the nature of who they may belong to.

At any rate these 'member's are gone now:


out of which mekajinn was most prevalent or influential with steve/nicobie being kinda cute or funny to watch

point is I just read forum camp over at (fuck this name is ludicrous) 'p2pzone'

a thread about kansas city, MO never being the same again.

and what I realised is this: 'tehru' or 'therealunderground' JUST ISN'T the same anymore neither is the former napsterites (p2pzone) the same anymore.

They're both less than what they were..our site (dionysians) is the best of the three..with just me, Dollar_Girl, eclectica and Crim as members..i think we four should engage in some serious butt-sex soon.

what do y'all think?

i'm so glad I never have to read or hear slx's words here again on this board..or nicboie's for that matter...glad they both got their feelings hurt and left..i still can't believe eclectica CHOSE me over his pal slx..that's gotta hurt..i don't even think he'd want his old moderator position back if given to him again because of the hurt involved with being rejected in favor of me..the friggin troll
This place is not a spinoff of the Napster forum.

Why didn't you include Maze in your list?

2004-08-13, 07:39
it is what it is