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2004-08-13, 04:32

I have two older sisters and one older brother. My oldest sister, ten years older than me, got married in 1988 at the age of 26. I got married in 1995 at the age of 23, just twelve days after I met my wife for the first time. My brother, who is Apollonian while I am more Dionysian, is six years older than me. He spent several years dating a girl and had trouble ending the relationship. He went to therapy to get over her. He got married in 2001 at the age of 35. Finally my younger sister who is two years older than me, got married in 2004 at the age of 34. My parents got divorced in 1992 and have now remarried.

At my brother's wedding people liked the toast I gave. I am not a good public speaker, but after drinking a lot I found I had a few good things to say. My sister said she liked what I said so much at my brother's wedding that she wanted me to be the one marrying her and performing the ceremony. So I accepted the honor. I actually got an online certification of being a reverend from Universal Life Church (http://www.ulc.org/) in order that I would be able to legally marry her. But she decided to play it safe and she got legally married one day before the marriage I gave, which was July 3rd 2004 in Chicago.

My wife was pregnant and sick and she wasn't able to come, so I went with just my daughter to give the ceremony. The way I did it was I wrote what I thought was a good speech in regards to marriage and love, and then I used that text to read from in the wedding. I didn't follow it word for word, but glanced at it and followed it pretty much in the same way while reading it and reciting it. It didn't flow as smoothly as it does written though, and it's hard to improvise on something that was written when speaking. Most of the people didn't seem to hear me or be listening to me, and I felt like the people in the back weren't hearing me at all, so I was speaking pretty loudly. Afterwards people said I did great, but I'll never know if they were just being polite or not. Here is the text which I wrote that I used for my wedding speech:

Thank you all for coming today. We are here to witness the marriage between Marceline and Saty.

The love between Marceline and Saty is very personal for them and has little to do with us. But they've invited us here because they want to affirm their vows towards each other in a public fashion. Affirmations of loyalty and vows must always be made publicly, or their sincerity may be questioned. Marceline and Saty have invited all of you to come here to witness their exchanging of vows, because you amongst the friends and family are the people who are important in their lives. We are all honored to be here today.

The love between husband and wife is the most fulfilling and complete love between two people. When people get married there is little concern for the rest of the World. For many people who have come from broken homes or dysfunctional families, it is a chance for a new start in life, if they choose at that point to go off on their own and start their own family. In the case where the parties to be wed are on good terms with their families, it creates an enriching bond between the families of the husband and wife as well. But ultimately the loyalty and duty that husband and wife have towards each other is stronger than any outside social peer forces or the various laws that governments create.

Every time two people fall in love with each other a miracle occurs. Two strangers who never knew each other eventually end up caring deeply about each other. They mean the world to each other and after they meet they become inseparable. Marceline and Saty were born 1,624 days and 7,550 miles apart from each other. What we are seeing before us today in their marriage is a miracle, that they managed to find each other despite the odds.

Love creates dependency, but it's a good type of dependence. To be truly in love means also to be dependent and to feel absence or incompleteness when one's partner is not there. To avoid love in one's life is a willful numbness and does not represent strength. In marriage it is a delicate task between the preserving of one's identity and the unconditional giving of oneself to one's partner. You have to find the right balance for you two. You should try to give yourself fully and freely to your partner. Sharing will bring great rewards. Together you will have moments of pain halved and moments of joy doubled. Your individual personalities will complement, strengthen, and enrich each other.

My sister's husband was born in Nepal. You can see a picture of them exchanging rings here (http://www.tatom.org/photos/2004-07-03%20wedding%20(Phil-Karen)/IMGP0111.jpg) and all the rest of the pictures here (http://www.tatom.org/photos/2004-07-03%20wedding%20(Phil-Karen)/(click%20here%20for%20thumbnails)/). My daughter was running all over the place during the ceremony.

2004-09-03, 17:42
Who is the guy in the white suit? What a hunk! Is that you e? ...Holy shit!

2004-09-03, 17:52
Who is the guy in the white suit?

I think that's Jefferson Davis "Boss" Hogg from the Dukes of Hazzard


The Passion
2004-09-03, 23:18
real quickly..i think labels are bullshit anyway...and if I and Dollar_Girl get married I'd like you to officiate the ceremony please. :)walk outside man, there is a whole nother world waiting for you

2004-09-04, 07:20
i get the feeling that would be a cold day in hell

real quickly..i think labels are bullshit anyway...and if I and Dollar_Girl get married I'd like you to officiate the ceremony please. :)