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2003-06-23, 19:01
hey all, Just thought I would post a mindless thread to see how we are all doing. As some of you know I am doing 2 part time jobs right now so I don't have alot of time to post as I have in the past.

I am hella glad to see Nookie around:D and Nic and Dollar!!! So you all need to keep on coming to visit and post!

I must say that I also have had a hella great month or so! It is good karma coming back at me. I seem to have a problem and as I turn to dispare there is a friend to pick me up and help me get on track. I also have met alot of cool new ppl lately with the 2 jobs and my ever growing social life.

Also E if a sales person calls you selling the new iO cable from Cablevision try to be nice as it could be me!!! That is what I do in the AM is call NY and sell digital cable. Weird that I live in MO and call Ny to sell cable TV for a living!!

Anyway I hope you all have a great day and I will be checking in so don't forget the Fish!!
:bluefish: :bluefish:

2003-06-24, 03:01
Soon there will be a law against buggin' peeps.

Even tho I hope it won't hurt your income, I sure hope I quit gettin' so many junk calls.

2003-06-24, 09:55
Often when I call toll free numbers, I am speaking to someone with an accent from another part of the country. Phone centers can be put anywhere. They do that to avoid labor costs, and so that you don't unionize.

Cablevision is one of those companies that I dislike. When I had them for the local cable company, they raised the bill each month. It is family owned and it seems to me like they are running the company for maximum profit, rather than for its long term health.

People are working two jobs because one job just doesn't make ends meet any more. When I was single I worked two jobs totaling sixty hours a week.

You can call me anytime, girlfriend, and we'll do phone sex.
:goldfish: :bluefish:


2003-06-25, 17:01
now how ever on earth could we forget u...u bad, bad fishy???
*hugs to u*
glad things r going well with u!!!
and i mean that.
rock on babe!
and i demand a threesome on that phone sex thing!!!

2003-06-25, 19:24
Hi Nookie!! Well I have been doing the annoying job of calling and selling ppl products and services over the phone for many years and company's but ppl HATE CableVisison the most. But it is all good and the bonus money makes up for the ppl that suck!!

And as for the phone sex just PM me your numbers and we can use my 3-way calling feature to have a REALLY good time!!!! :bluefish:

2003-06-25, 19:35

If you hate telemarketers check with your state's Atty General and see if you have a No Call List then get on it. They will decrease by 99% if you do this and it will save you time and a sales person some chunk of ass if you are "one of those ppl.":bluefish:

2003-06-25, 21:49
Phone sex is a good idea and I have the gear to go long distance.

2003-06-26, 01:27
The gear???? What do you need besides a phone, a voice, and a free hand??? Or do you mean to do it on the net as a phone call??? Hell why not just do a voice chat on MSN????:bluefish:

2003-06-26, 02:09
By gear, I am referring to the great phallus magnus in the sky, which has been likened to the trans Atlantic telephone cable. Every call is a local call when I do phone sex, for my tool is indeed large.

2003-06-26, 20:01
for my tool is indeed large.

I find that guys who say this are hung like a field mouse. But at least I now know the "equiptment" that you are referring to.

So when and how are you gonna prove the field mouse theroy wrong?? LMAO

But don't worry size REALLY doesn't matter in matters of phone sex!! :bluefish:

2003-06-27, 00:13
Originally posted by badfish_76
I find that guys who say this are hung like a field mouse. :bluefish:


as in ittie bittie peepie?

prolly a ego thang.

2003-06-27, 19:05
yes as in a little dick. LOL I am just slingin' shit! I am good for that ya know! :bluefish:

But really if you need it that bad just holler I am on your messenger after all!! LOL ;)

2003-06-28, 01:32

But really if you need it that bad just holler I am on your messenger after all!! LOL ;) [/B]


crash in anytime :)

same on Yahoooooooooooooooo