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View Full Version : hey

2004-08-17, 02:25
since nobody noticed and gave me some kind of grand reception i just wanted to welcome myself to the place.

you fools & assholes welcome me

2004-08-17, 17:50
On behalf of us fools, I apologize for our rudeness. Welcome to our humble messageboard full of....well anyway...welcome :)

I can't speak entirely for the assholes but I'm sure they welcome you as well.

Feel free to add new flavor to this place

2004-08-17, 18:51
yeppers....yo back at you...i missed this thread.....

just for the record, so you know.....fats...or stupid is the only fool here....me...well, i'm just one of the assholes...

2004-08-17, 22:04
hungh, slx?you've used this term several times now...is it more of your penis envy little beenyweeny & yes dude....

i'm hungh like a horse

2004-08-18, 00:19
I made you compromise your principles..all that stuff that went on at .net was all a load of horseshit imho...you don't practice what you preach.no you didn't asshole...i have no principles to compromise where dolts like you are concern'd

and the rest...you've not been restricted in anything you type here....you just can't fuck with it once you type it....

so speak your mind fats

2004-08-18, 02:51
Here's an attachment test for the guests who lurk here

2004-08-18, 02:59
Here's an attachment test for gazdet....who lurk here

another fat, balding old closet troll

that's the same ip on the email he sent me several weeks ago

2004-08-18, 03:14
I'm curious, what's his computer name? You should see that in the email headers after where it says helo=.

2004-08-20, 14:47
cool. i'll just jump in on this one.

2004-08-20, 16:08

your name is the same spelled backwards

2004-08-21, 06:54
yes. it is.

2004-08-23, 02:37
wonder if mule will post again. maybe they feel out of place because their name isn't the same spelled backwards?

2004-08-23, 03:50
"mule" reminds me of eMule.
"raar" reminds me of WinRAR, and it also sounds like an Indian name or "RIAA radar".

2004-08-31, 14:10
u know u cannot repulse me (that a word?)
only dissapoint me
i was wondering how my name got mentioned? :p

2004-09-01, 01:16
tttimmy is a wasted fat fuck who lives with his mommy. His whole goal in life is to suck on his own little dick. Maybe we should encourage the dillweed to go on a diet, then maybe he could stick his dick in his own mouth.

Never forget. He wants to die but has no guts.

2004-09-01, 01:41
tttimmy little dick

2004-09-07, 07:21
Wow. What have I gotten myself into with this one????? lol.