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View Full Version : chicks are so fucked up

2004-08-18, 03:59
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-08-18, 04:32
fats....just find yourself another guy with another little beenieweenie like yours and you want have to worry about kids or marriage......just vasoline or KY

bacon fat or lard you keep around the house will suffice if you're on a budget

the lord's keeping you pure to protect all those nice little girlies out there from a stalker like you...best you keep listening to mama.....

2004-08-18, 05:51
but what do you think about a 30year old man sleeping with a 16 year old girl? anything wrong with this?it typifies your stupidity to even ask that question

2004-08-18, 16:58
I don't want to be rude..but what do you think about a 30year old man sleeping with a 16 year old girl? anything wrong with this?

you should seriously ask my ex-girlfriend that...cuz apparently she doesn't see anything wrong with it...

2004-08-18, 17:08
In another post Tim you asked where the hell I've been lately... well, here's the story since the thread title matches the theme of my latest attraction.

Last November I broke up with my girlfriend of one year, Christine. After that I was feeling pretty shitty. Well, my pain came to an ease when one of my friends, a girl, I'll call her M, asked me to be the Varsity Boys Manager w/ her to keep her company. Now she's a fairly good looking girl (I really don't know how I get these ones??), so I had to say yes.

One night when we had to do laundry she put "the moves" on me. I thought that was pretty kick ass because I didn't have a "laundry room" story yet and well, I was getting it. After that we didn't stop talking to eachother or anything, we actually got closer.

Well my good friend, S, came home from the Navy for a week. Well I thought it was a good idea to invite M to hang out with us. M decided to bring her friend along, J. So the plan was I get M, and S gets J. Well...that took a 360 once we all got to partying and drinkin. But at the time I didn't care because I still had another (again...good looking...I think this is part of my problem) chick. So I didn't think anything of it.

Well needless to say S had to go back and we never really spoke of that night because we just thought it was "drunken fun". M and I got REAL close the following months. She began telling me she wanted to be with me and all that lovey dovey stuff. We even began having sex. So here I am thinking this is the best thing ever. WELL....that's where I went wrong. 8 months later (just a few weeks ago). I finally get a chance to talk with my friend S. Well....apparently she had been telling him that she hasn't stopped thinking about him since that night...that she wanted him to come back so she could be with him...etc.... (hah...that's not even the best part) ...she was also sleeping with my boss (yeah people McDonald's truely is bad for you)....AND!!! still telling 2 of her ex-boyfriends that she loved them.... I found this all out in 1 night. Welcome to reality!

There's a lot more details I could of thrown in...but I'm cutting it close cuz I got work soon (btw I got that boss fired and then went to kick the shit out of him but he ran away 3 times...weird..). So if you see me being cranky at females...you know why ;)

I will leave you with this....

M stopped talking to me for a week after I found out the truth..but then finally showed up at my house and asked if we could talk...she cried and said she was sorry for everything.... ANYONE care to guess where I found her the next night? ;)

2004-08-18, 17:50
that's too convoluted dude....gave me a twitch

2004-08-19, 03:59
I like women to be older than me, because they are more experienced and mature. Many guys are the opposite and prefer younger girls because they like to have a dominant role in the relationship, or want to have the respect given to them from being older.

2004-08-31, 14:18
i know what ya mean i cheat on my girls with thier mothers
though i like girls the same age and reasonable aged girls younger than me
if i were with a girl that is 16 or 17 when i am 20 i do not see that to be bad
that is legal here i do not see a problem with is either
women used to get married at 13 or 14
i think we have improved on it
there are some sicks fucks out there

2004-08-31, 15:43
i know what ya mean i cheat on my girls with thier mothers

lol that sounds pretty cool. The daughter is just the appetizer; the mother is the mature finished product.

It's an interesting experiment in the effects of genetics. Do their pussies taste the same, or perhaps you get a taste of dad's hairy ass in there?

2004-08-31, 16:01
there are some sicks fucks out therethat's an opinion which may be correct and to which you're entitled