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2004-08-26, 11:57
Take Back P2P (http://www.takebackp2p.tk/) is a site which allows you to use your browser by clicking a link to load images from various scam p2p sites, causing a drain on their bandwidth and a possible shutdown. The effect of that link has also been achieved in an executable file which is currently available as WebStorm1.2.zip (http://www.freewebtown.com/dablade/WebStorm1.2.zip). The zip file contains the executable WebStorm.exe along with a urllist.txt text file. The text file can be customized and updated to load images from whatever sites you choose to place in there. The program could work as a Denial of Service tool to slow down websites.

When using the executable program, you can start it working by checking off the "active" box. Then using the slider bar on the bottom, you can throttle up the bandwidth you use on your computer. The percentage shown reflects the rate that the program is working. Throttle it up to 100% for full effect, which should use all of of your bandwidth. When you run the program it has no placeholder on the task bar, so in order to find it you have to minimize all your open windowed programs and you will then see it running on top of your desktop.

The program was worked on by a few people including those at Methlabs, but they've decided not to be officially associated with the program. You can read more about it at their forum here (http://methlabs.org/forums/showthread.php?t=1938). The program has successfully shut down the scam site openwares.org (http://www.openwares.org). See the attachment for a screenshot of the WebStorm version 1.2 program.

2004-11-18, 12:48
The original links I posted above no longer work. Right now you can get the WebStorm program here (http://www.freewebtown.com/sharbiqu/wsbinary.zip). It is a zip file that when extracted, is the WebStorm version 1.2 program dated from 2004-08-25 with a file size of 704,512 Bytes. You should update and replace the file named urllist.txt to get the latest one, which is the file that controls what sites and images are actually to be loaded by the program. I downloaded it here (http://home.ripway.com/2004-3/89002/urllist.zip) and got a file dated 2004-11-07, which I have also posted as an attachment to this post. The file urllist.txt needs to be placed in the same directory or folder on your computer as the WebStorm.exe program in order to work properly.

DaBlade would like everybody who supports the concept of this program, which is to drain the bandwidth of scam sites, to launch a coordinated attack tonight at 00:00 GMT Friday November 19th, which is 19:00 New York time and 16:00 California time, on Thursday. You can read his thread calling for the coordination here (http://www.methlabs.org/forums/showthread.php?t=16174).

2004-11-21, 05:57
Take Back P2P now has a permanent site run by haxor41789:

From that site you can download a version of the program Take Back P2P.exe. What that does is install on your computer a version of the program which is run with your browser. It allows you to open the WebStorm program if you prefer, which it also installs. It puts a link on your desktop and Start menu to the program and other links, and it requires a restart of the computer after installing.

There is also a site run by Digital Nirvana devoted to the WebStorm program:

2005-03-18, 21:15
I've "scheduled" a new TakeBackP2P strike. I hope everyone can attend. :)
Details: http://methlabs.org/forums/showthread.php?p=36436

2005-06-20, 15:23

@DaBlade: The Webstorm Website is offline.
And your Link to the Thread is down too:

"Invalid Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the webmaster"

Is there a new version of Webstorm or Take Back P2P?

Greetz ToSp@Saugstube.to