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View Full Version : p2p questions and answers

2003-06-25, 23:01
I was asked four questions by someone who wanted my input, possibly for some insight into a news article. I tried to answer the questions eloquently and reasonably, without having flaws in my reasoning or line of thought. Here are the questions and my replies:

what you think about the RIAA's decision to sue downloaders?
This reminds me of how Consumer Reports magazine was sued by Isuzu for a bad report on their cars, or how 2600 magazine was sued by Ford for their domain fordreallysucks.com. It wasn't that they had any merit to their case, but it was a vindictive act, and it shows the dangers in a legislative society, of how frivolous lawsuits can be used by big wealthy organizations to intimidate individuals. Unfortunately it's not about right or wrong but about who has the best lawyers.

will it stop you from downloading?
No. Right and wrong is not decided by the swarms of greedy lawyers, lobbyists, and laws, but in the hearts of men. I know that what I am doing is right. There are those who think that peer-to-peer is equivalent to bank robbery, but I disagree.

will it drive you to pay services?
The selection from pay services is limited, because I listen to alternative music. Most of my peer-to-peer activity involves uploading and getting a satisfying feeling that I am sharing something beautiful with friends, and a community of music lovers.

whether or not you are angry
Yes, I am angry. That is why I bought high speed internet and I have two computers, with one devoted to file sharing of music with my friends on the internet. I feel that a company like the RIAA doesn't respect my electronic peer-to-peer community of friends.

2003-06-26, 11:48
They did use some of my answers in this article: