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View Full Version : my prediction....

2004-09-01, 08:32
the constitution will be amended to allow persons not born here to run for pres....

arnold will run

he'll win

i'm a democrat but i'll have to give the gop one thing....having arnold on their side is kik ass...

am i the only one watching the conventions

2004-09-01, 12:00
What will be interesting to see in the future is what the legislators are able to pass and what they are not able to pass. They will succeed in passing legislation which benefits specific interests but will probably have trouble getting worthwhile stuff that's good for the people passed.

A lot of this gridlock comes from people having the attitude of "not in my back yard" and having trouble pulling together for the greater good of the country. No one wants his state to get less from the government in benefits than it pays in taxes.

Thinking in partisan terms has corrupted the view of things. Unfortunately members of the press have done a big part in encouraging partisan thinking. There was a time when they used to report the race of a person in the paper, whether the person was White or Black, and that was said to encourage racism. Now they are encouraging partisan thinking by indicating the party of every legislator working on something whenever the legislator is mentioned.

I like neither Democrats or Republicans and see the solution for this country's problems in alternative party candidates. I hope a time comes in which all Democrats and Republicans are disgraced and thrown out of office. I will neither vote for John Kerry or George Bush this November.

I haven't followed the Republican convention except by newspaper, and from what I read there was John McCain and Rudolf Giuliani giving speeches. John McCain is just a party loyalist and that cancels his reputation of being an independent thinker by stepping up to support Bush and worst of all, supporting the war in Iraq. Rudolf Giuliani has also fallen from grace to me by turning 9-11 into a political benefit for George Bush. Giuliani is a strong supporter of Israel and sees the "war on terror" from a Zionist perspective.

2004-09-02, 03:13
I can't believe you were thinking about this right now. ...'cause so was I just a little bit ago. I was thinking ...WHY?! Can't we ever have somebody really good run? Ever since FDR in the '30's & 40's it's been shitty losers. Eisenhower would have done better if somebody had slipped him a hit of speed or LSD or something ...nah I take that back ...we might not be here now if that had happened. Kennedy ...oh the renowned and revered one ...if that cocktease or his brother Robert had anything whatsoever to do with the death of Marilyn Monroe ...I hope they truely pay for that ...whatever that entails. Notice how they immediatly died soon afterwards ...Kennedy ...horribly in November 1963 ...about a year after we lost our dearheart Marilyn on August 5, 1962 ...The saddest day in the world...IMO ...Robert Kennedy...again...died horribly in 1968. Both guys the victim of an assassin's bullet.

My best sources tell me a little differently. ...and I have good ones ...Marilyn really didn't have that much to do with either of those two Kennedy brothers. Though what little dealings she did have with them hurt her feelings ...so they were indirectly added on the top of a mountain of hurts. I know exactly how Marilyn Monroe died ...I have no doubt I'll probably go out the same way.

There have been many iconic photos of MM ...I won't post them here. ...I'll just say Marilyn could look good even in an obscure costume test shot: Marilyn Monroe - Costume test shot from Niagra - 1952 (http://www.cstone.net/~mays/Temp/Marilyn Monroe - Costume test shot as Rose from Niagra - 1952) ...Is she like the cutest thing you ever saw or what?

ok ... just one ...Marilyn with some admirers...Diamonds (http://www.cstone.net/~mays/Temp/Diamonds.jpg[/URL)

...ok ...I'll come up with any excuse to post a pic of Marilyn Monroe ...let's just say that if the constitution is amended to allow persons not born here to run for president ...I would vote for Bono from U2 ...oh come on ...he's better than Arnold Schwartzenshitter ...or however you spell his name...lol ...Bono is spiritual ...Arnold still thinks he's The Terminator. ...ya know, I remember when I first arrived in Hollywood and I ended up at this party ...and Arnold Schwartzenegger's pic was all over the walls in intimate poses with the guy who owned this house. I thought what the hell are all these muscle pics of Arnold and this guy on the beach all about? lol ...seems they had a relationship ...wonder what the republicans would think of that?

2004-09-02, 09:35
lol....bono for president

i can see it now....none of the streets will have names