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2004-09-06, 07:24
SlavaNap.org (http://www.slavanap.org/) has the latest version of the SlavaNap p2p filesharing server program, which is 3.0.0 build 116, released May 2004. The site has a manual and support forums too. OpenNap (http://opennap.sourceforge.net/) is the original project of people running their own Napster compatible servers, but that stopped being developed in 2001 and SlavaNap took its place.

Compatible clients with SlavaNap can be found here (http://www.slavanap.org/clients.php). There is an option to block clients in the SlavaNap preferences. By default the following clients are blocked: Catnap, Drumbeat, Floodster, Kazaam, mldonkey, Nap v.0.8, opennnap.

I used to run an OpenNap server for a year from 2002 to 2003, then a SlavaNap server for a couple of months, but quit more than a year ago. Basically it seemed like a waste of effort or bandwidth, like a rat running around a wheel. Well that's often how I feel about p2p filesharing because a lot of the rare songs I've uploaded many times still are not shared by anyone else when I do searches for them, due to the prevalence of leeching.

But anyways I came across a bonus (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showthread.php?t=112) in my bandwidth when they changed my phone line and my ADSL speeds improved, so the bandwidth I have now allows me to play around some more and run the server again. The SlavaNap server has built in connection support for DynDNS (http://www.dyndns.org), but I registered the same address I had in the past eclectica.dns2go.com, and without a problem I filled up the server really fast. That address still must be on the opennap server list of thousands of WinMX users. The way I stopped all that traffic is by changing the ports the server listens on, from what used to be 8888 and others, to ones that aren't on people's lists. Now the server is still in the test phase, but all I have to do is open up the router back to port 8888 and change the settings in the server, and within about five minutes 200 people will be connected to it. The computer is old, running on a 233 mhz processor and 96 MB of memory, so if I run it with more than 300 people connected it has difficulty. One thing I can do is get the server listed at NapList (http://www.naplist.com/). The support for reporting to that is built right into the SlavaNap server. Napigator (http://www.napigator.com/) used to have a server list but the site is no longer functioning.

There are a couple of tools I found useful that can be used along with the server. They are php files which can be uploaded to a Linux website. One is report.php (http://www.p2pjihad.org/report.php). It allows the public to check by way of a website how many people are connected to the server. By default it requires a separate port to listen on in the server, which is TCP port 1228 by default. One has to use a separate port from the client connection ports or one will get an error message. The other is slavadmin.php (http://www.p2pjihad.org/slavadmin.php). That allows one to log in with username and password and actually do things to the server like restart it, shut it down, or change the configuration. I don't need to log in using a client like WinMX and can go wherever there is an internet connection to remotely adminster the server. To get that working right you use the same port as the server is listening for client connections when you type in "Web Server Port". To get a list of commands, type either /help /admin help or /server help. When the browser window opens, you have to hit the stop button on the browser or it will refresh after a few seconds to a page which can't be displayed.

There are six ranks of users on the server. They are:
0 Leech
1 User
2 Moderator
3 Admin
4 Elite
5 Console
The normal rank when one joins is "User". One can designate some of the Users as "Friends" and they can get into the server even when it is full. "Console" refers to the actual computer the server is running on itself and is sharing zero files. It can receive messages and participate in chat. Whenever the server starts up there is always "Console" connected to it, so it appears there is one more user than there really is. You can put whatever names you want for it. I put for the Console the name "p2p_mujahid", and for the network name if it gets listed at NapList, "p2p_jihad". Actually a real network would be several servers linked together, but in this case there is no other linked server besides mine in that network.

The server can be used for chat as well. I set the Console to create a chat room whenever the server is started up named "p2p_mujahideen". I find the instant messages to be clumsy in WinMX and prefer chat to them. Chat also allows for more than just two people to communicate. In WinMX you can find the chat rooms which are called "Channels" by going to Chat-->List Channels, then choose the network you want the channels to be listed from.

One of the problems I had when connecting to the server was for it to register my IP address correctly. It gave it a LAN IP address rather than a WAN IP address. That would cause me not to be able to share files with the others on the server, because the server would attempt a p2p connection based on that IP address and it would fail. There are many addresses I could connect to the server and they all seemed to work, such as,, eclectica.dns2go.com, but none gave me a proper WAN IP address. In the past the caused the server to register my WAN IP address, but this time around it caused it to register my router address of So I searched and asked in the SlavaNap forum and got an answer to the question. I had to edit the file called "ips.slv". In it I added the entry:
_local_ _server_ _server_
That set my IP address of to be the server address, which is eclectica.dns2go.com. Then I connected to the server by way of and it worked okay.

If you want to connect to the server, here's how you do it. In WinMX, to add a server to your list, go to Networks-->OpenNap Protocol Networks-->Add and for Network put p2p_jihad (or leave it blank), for Address put eclectica.dns2go.com:1234. Put a login name and password as well. Don't leave the password blank though, because it randomly generates a password, which creates problems if you ever get registered anywhere on a server or added to a Friends list.

2004-09-06, 18:00
awesome dude
u said something bout this
ill will get on and try it not tommorow because im very busy but the day after
can i only use winmx?
i was newbie who is still only half awake when it comes to some things
thanx :)

2004-09-08, 19:24
WinMX is not the only client which connects to SlavaNap. Other clients are listed on this page:
About 96% of the clients are WinMX users, with 2% being Lopster and 1% being XNap. Because this server address eclectica.dns2go.com:8888 was listed a couple of years ago and people are connected based on that old listing, it may not reflect the true sampling of current OpenNap/SlavaNap users, but instead ones who have the server still on their list.

I was able to create a workaround to the problem of friends not getting into the server because it is full. I ran various tests and found that by far port 8888 is the most popular in demand, and I could fill up the server with lots of people, and 7777 and 9999 being not as popular and enough to fill a server with perhaps 200 people. This is only because of it being on the server lists of people in the past; particularly WinMX users and their wsx server lists. Port 8888 gives me more than enough traffic that I don't feel compelled to list the server at GotNap (http://www.gotnap.com/) or NapList (http://www.naplist.com/). Allowing port 1234 as an unknown port to the public creates a back door to the server, which when everybody is trying to get into by way of port 8888, offers another way to get in. One thing a person can do is run SlavaNap twice on the same computer by installing the programs in separate folders. Then designate the two programs different listening ports, with one being popular listed to the public and the other one only being private known to a group of friends. If the servers are linked then it will create easy access for the ones who know the private port. In this case I chose to run two versions of SlavaNap not on the same computer, but on the same LAN, with one on the dedicated p2p computer listening on port 1234 and the other on my main computer with 256 MB of memory, listening on port 8888.

I've run tests on the resources that SlavaNap uses. When it first starts up and people fill up the server, it is processor intensive because it must be adding their filenames to a search index. After things have settled down and the server gets full, then the processor is no longer used but it becomes memory intensive. That is because every file shared on the server is stored in the memory of the computer. By my estimates every 25,000 files shared takes up 10 MB of memory. Typically there are 70,000 files shared per 100 people. I would say that if one has 128 MB of memory, that one could only run a server with 200 people. With 256 MB of memory, one could get away with 500 users. And with 512 MB of memory, one could have 1000 people connected. A server with 100 people takes up about 40 MB of memory and a server with 500 people takes about 160 MB of memory. That is the information I got from the Windows XP task manager when hitting ctrl-alt-delete. The dedicated p2p computer unfortunately only has 96 MB of memory.

You can see here (http://www.p2pjihad.org/report.php) the status of the network, and refresh the page as needed. As I type this there are currently two servers connected on the network. That report is generated from the dedicated p2p server eclectica.dns2go.com:1234, which is limited to 100 users. Notice that the report puts for one server host name the local IP address when it should be eclectica.dns2go.com. It is because it connects to it by way of that address. Everyone else is connecting to that server by way of the WAN addess, not the LAN address. I had trouble linking the servers and it was what I had to do to get it working right. I even had earlier my third computer, a laptop working on the network too, with everything connected through and to the dedicated p2p computer. Another thing that is off about that report page is that it lists Elite names: p2p_mujahid, p2p_osama, or p2p_qaeda (the laptop, not currently connected). Those are actually not Elites but instead the names of the Consoles.

2004-09-09, 11:59
blind as they come sorry i didnt see it or process it
the 2nd i believe

i will get on this but i may be going for another trip
emule is chugging at some 3643 files.....
ever heard of anything so rediculous?
well it was 3857 earlier
its not music FEDS u can relax (apart from a little classical)
and i do not play games or watch movies really

2004-09-10, 14:36
Cool. I've just added you to my list. thanks!

2004-09-23, 13:19
Tried connecting to your server. Couldn't. Seems there is a problem. Yeah, I was going to ask you what it means when it states, "Request Refused". It sounds so intentional, as if a person is being refused for whatever reason. I see now, that this could be because of technical difficulty.

2004-09-23, 16:26
Tried connecting to your server. Couldn't. Seems there is a problem. Yeah, I was going to ask you what it means when it states, "Request Refused". It sounds so intentional, as if a person is being refused for whatever reason. I see now, that this could be because of technical difficulty.

My ADSL stopped working this morning but now it is okay and the server is back online. You can check this page to see the status of the server.