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View Full Version : Should dionysians.org be shut down?

2004-09-08, 01:44
move along nothing to see here folks!

2004-09-08, 01:47
actually you should be asking....does anyone really care what you were up to today?

I warned this muthafucker about 'messing' with me...looks like i'm gonna have to use brute force here.

hehe..you have no idea what i've been up to today...let me restate this..

goddam, you have no idea what I've been up to today.

2004-09-08, 03:23
i'm sure some inquiring minds would want to know :Dperhaps, someone, somewhere, someplace does littledik....but i doubt anyone on the forum gives a rats ass

but...i'm sure you're gonna tell us in spite of us not being interested

2004-09-08, 03:58
isnt that a little childish?

but then, look who i said it.

no...i have decided to respect your decisions to not hear the minor details of my life...by the way..this was an empty threat..nothings gonna happen to the website..just throwing a tantrum again coz I can't get my way around here.

2004-09-09, 11:12
children have more sense than any adult
like bill hicks (R.I.P.) said - know any children with children and a job from 9-5
(i'll add)slaving, eating, shitting and dying

2004-09-09, 12:47
i once wrote a short screen play (when i win lottery, i will make it into a short film and all u bastards will be invited to australia for some coconut drinks), and in it i had a line that said something like "whats so good about getting older anyway - the older you get, the less you pay attention."

and amen that is too true.

2004-09-09, 13:07
way off fatty

2004-09-09, 13:14
the question is, have you? oops lol, i guess not

2004-09-09, 13:19
dude, i couldn't care less how you are doing, so i don't expect u to give a shit how i'm doing.

2004-09-09, 13:24
i dont think so dood. :hang:

2004-09-09, 13:35
sorry lill' dude, we can't all be at your grand standard of intellect

2004-09-09, 13:45
sweet :cool: