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View Full Version : Is dionysians.org a "friendly forum"?

2004-09-08, 01:45
well, is it?

2004-09-08, 02:55
Seems friendly to me.

2004-09-08, 03:21
[QUOTE=tim]have you been welcomed to the forum yet?

I figured u would be dead by now.

The Passion
2004-09-08, 07:01
wishful tHinKing?don't mind if I do, thanks

The Passion
2004-09-08, 07:07
goddam what are you doing up, fucko?
([color=gray]you do realise it's 11pm your time?)
hey come in the tehru chatroom..i'll be in there for a bit.well, since it isn't any of your business, I was at my girl's house all day, drank beer, watched tv, smoked some cigs, did guy and girl stuff, then went home, she has to work at 6am.

now I am sitting at my pc, replying to a cess pool.

The Passion
2004-09-08, 07:37
goodnight, dude..cut off the lights when you leave. :)
seeya next time...damn I got something to ask ya..but I don't want to do it here...ciao, dude.no, I will not give out any personal information about the dollar'd one, sorry guy.

The Passion
2004-09-08, 12:13
wasn't what I was gonna ask..as a matter of fact...I have forgotten what it was that I wanted to ask...chalk it up to the ramblings of a half-awake man..if I were incline to drinking...that would excuse it...right?even drinking too much isn't an excuse, mate.

2004-09-09, 17:07
I used the INTARWEBNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have you been welcomed to the forum yet?

hi and welcome!

how did you find this place?

2004-09-10, 13:47
Is this a friendly forum? Of all the people to ask?!

a.....You're the main one posting
b.....You may have to answer the question yourself!

Please tell me, do you really need to ask this question at all? I've mosied around a few forums and by the looks of it, you're the classic troll and everything you write and the responses you receive, are all exactly what you want, crave and expect.


2004-09-11, 02:54
I was gonna post another rude comment, but instead I think I'll have a couple of Jagermeisters and give u sick bastards the finger.

U know who I talkin' about.

goD is waiting for you.........

2004-09-11, 02:55

2004-09-11, 03:06
you make good posts.


The Passion
2004-09-11, 03:57
envious?I know I am >_<
See I reckon you're about an 8 or a 9,
Maybe even 9 and a half in four beers time.
That blue top shop top you've got on IS nice,
Bit too much fake tan though - but yeah you score high.

But theres just one little thing thats really really,
Really really annoying me about you you see,
Yeah yeah like i said you are really fit
But my gosh don't you just know it

I'm not trying to pull you
Even though i would like to
I think you are really fit
You're fit But my gosh dont you know it