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View Full Version : Summer of Osama

2003-06-27, 07:48
This is beyond Summer of Sam.

Things are really heating up in p2p land. I haven't seen this much excitement since Napster was threatened two years ago. The RIAA is now threatening to sue individuals who are trading files. The reason they have taken this course of action, is because their lawsuits failed against the p2p networks.

Instead, they will harass individuals and outspend them on legal fees. He who has the best lawyers will have the upper hand in the battle.

I see that many people in the p2p community are scared. I think this is a good thing, what the RIAA is doing. Cowards are running and fleeing. It's like a ship sinking and having the rats flee. Hell, I would even say it's worth it to sink a ship just to get that satisfying sight of having the purge of the rats.

Jihad is not for the faint-hearted.

This new pressure will cause the wheat and the chaff to separate in the p2p community. We will soon see who is courageous and who is a coward. Personally I am hoping to get sued by the RIAA, because I could use a little excitement.

It doesn't take much courage to stand up to the RIAA. Think of how easy we have it now, compared to our forefathers, who sacrificed their lives for liberty.


2003-06-30, 19:04
Maybe I'm not up to the task of jihad anymore. When a man gets old and weary such as myself, he no longer has that cruel or combative edge. Look at how Pol Pot was when he was on trial. He looked like such a lovable teddy bear grandfather figure. He seemed to be a different person than the mass murderer that he used to be. Like a river, a man changes yet stays the same.

Perhaps you will be understanding of me if I call off the jihad and decide to compromise with the RIAA. This means that I am asking those of you who planned on mailing pipe bombs disguised as dildos to Hilary Rosen, to instead temporarily reconsider.

I hope you don't think of me as a sellout. Here is the proposed compromise. The RIAA succeeded in shutting down Napster. Now, to compromise, let us shut down the RIAA.

If these terms are unacceptable to the RIAA, then it's back to the drawing board, where exciting things will happen, such as the hijacking of a plane full of Metallica groupies and crashing it into RIAA headquarters in Washington DC.

2003-08-27, 18:35
:coward: "The RIAA is only targeting users on Kazaa, so I'm safe because I use Piolet/MP2P."

:coward: "The RIAA is only going after people who share thousands of files, but I'm sharing just hundreds so I'll be okay."

:coward: "The RIAA is just targeting certain copyrighted artists such as Busta Rhymes, which I've made sure not to be sharing."

:coward: "I've disabled the ability of people to browse my files."

:coward: "The RIAA will only target people who upload files, so I've become a leech and I just download now on p2p networks."

:coward: "I use PeerGuardian, a firewall which specifically blocks p2p enemies."

2003-08-29, 13:48
dont worry will will win we will not be dragged in the dirt any more
its alive and well there is always a way as well what happened when they broke up napster either we will be fine or go underground and we will no be sued because they will not find us and if they can they wont be able to track us
they have been doing wrong for a long time and it can be backed up and i havent got near as many contacts as some so it goes deeper than we think and we dont need them any more really they are trying to hold onto that lets help them let go of the power they so unrightly hold
a new service has some intown and it is threatening it and it going out on a last leg to get some money back for its weed n coke packages wait! thats the recoring studio they are a different matter but all in on it