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View Full Version : who is lamer?

2004-09-16, 19:50
Which of these two p2p forums is more lame: UniteTheCows (http://www.unitethecows.com/forums/), or Zeropaid (http://www.zeropaid.com/bbs/)?

2004-09-16, 20:04

The Passion
2004-09-17, 03:31
couldn't the join up and "UniteTheZeros"?

2004-09-17, 03:55
This is difficult to choose who is lamer. Basically I weigh the pros and cons of each one. In general I would say Zeropaid has both stronger bad points and stronger good points, so it's still hard to say which is lamer. Here I will try to write how the forums do in different categories.

quality of posts / originality in p2p news
Neither site has originality in its p2p news, but Zeropaid has on average better quality and more thoughtful posts.

heaviness of moderation and freedom to express unpopular views
It appears that both sites are heavily moderated. Zeropaid likes to ban members while UniteTheCows likes to edit posts.

unethical practices
Zeropaid has banner advertisements. They promoted crappy p2p programs such as ES5 and accepted banner advertisements from them. Also Zeropaid has an inflated userbase because they don't delete inactive users.

site owners
-UniteTheCows: unite, named Russ, shut down his forum in May 2003 and had it merged into PcTechTalk. Then he resurrected his board again in July 2003. I don't think the board deserves a second chance for heroic resurrection.
-Zeropaid: dubstylee, named Chris Hedgecock, was Executive Vice President of a DRM company called EmpireDRM / Clearkey Solutions. With his background I suspect he and Zeropaid may be one of the undisclosed members of the DCIA.

2004-09-17, 03:55
couldn't the join up and "UniteTheZeros"?


2004-09-17, 03:57
I just cast my vote for Zeropaid as the most lame of the two.

2004-09-17, 09:48
i find they are just the same as the rest of the world
u have ur good and bad leaders
u have ur lame and dignified peoples

the cream of the crop are the one that are stand outs
most of the top posters are soooooo lame
ive challenged a couple a while back
ill never even visit either site anymore
im a one forum kinda guy
my efforts go here
they are not the results of anything but us and me
the way it should be to me :)
i love u peeps

2004-09-17, 10:50
It has been awhile, and even longer for that Unite the cows. I thought it much lamer than zp, but I think they are both lame.

2004-09-27, 01:16
I was thinking about this some more and I changed my mind on this. I think UniteTheCows is lamer than Zeropaid. They delete and edit too many threads and posts there.

2004-09-27, 02:07
They delete and edit too many threads and posts there.

lol, stop bating me..its too bad this site (http://www.3-3-3.org) isn't on the list.

2004-09-27, 09:11
Why must everything have to be about you? The fact is that unite the cows was as lame as lame could be.

2004-09-27, 10:58
beware the green-eyed monster


the eye of slx is watching you

2004-09-27, 11:16
unite the cows is lamer and has always been as such.

2004-10-06, 09:45
people are used to taking sides
one over the other is possible but one and not the other when it is clear they are both lame????????????????

good - evil
how about just varying shads of bad is not freedom