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View Full Version : Seems to me

2004-09-20, 10:23
that someone is trying very hard to get eclectica's attention. Remember dude when I said that it takes two to be friends. And when one walks away, the other is shit outta luck.

2004-09-20, 11:44
hi raar..nice to see you (should that be in quotes) "still about" and as thoughtful as ever...my everything preceding the three dots to the left of this third section of this sentence seems laced with sarcasm and untruth.

raar the other forum most of us came from was called napsterites at one time and for reasons that aren't relevant is now called p2pzone. The administrator there is Gary Robinsion. He goes by the online nick of 'gazdet'.

The administrator of dionysians..is Thomas Rogers..who you will sometimes hear me refer to as Tom. I thought the administrator of this site was my friend.

Now raar don't get me wrong...friend or not DOESN'T excuse my behaviour although I've seen a double-standard in the way I was treated as his friend here opposed to how I'm treated now.

It's funny the things that used to shocks us and that we used to care about...mostly public perception still matters to us all...I see.

On the board which spawned us...there was once a very stupid argument being thrown around that the administrator there was seeking to control the posters on that board and influence them 'nefariously' to some great evil...wish I could remember the exact words used to try and describe this behavior.

You asked me who Tom is thus I've answered. However there is another or was another (and may still be another) "Tom" here...lol..'uncle tom anyone?" just kidding...another poster by the name of 'Maze' whose actual name is Tom Maze and to be complete there is another Tom who doesn't post here and probably even doesn't read this board..his name as I've just recently learned is Tom Alday. Interesting to me because he is kind of like a role model or even hero for me...he started off in a belligerent manner on the forums at p2pzone but soon became well loved and adored. I hope to follow suit on that.

I guess that's enough for you to know, 'trying to control the minds of the napsterites' I think that was the expression used to describe the earlier behaviour for which I sought to describe...like trying to control the will of the people or something as in a virtual cyber battle for their hearts and minds.

Is a similiar thing going on here?

who is right?
or are we both wrong.

raar I hope you don't become a pawn in this game.

2004-09-20, 11:47
"control the will of the napsterites'..that was the phrase.

2004-09-21, 07:11
Well, I'm glad you wrote all that. Now I know who Tom is. Is this p2pzone still open? Do you still post there? How does this other board, directly still affect this board. Man, so many questions. I am so out of the loop.
But, dude. I still remember some of the things you said to Tom, in posts here. Does he really deserve such treatment? It's one thing to come face to face with him, but to involve his family like that. It is low man.

2004-09-21, 14:02
He has no morals but even if he does he changes them to meet requirements
very poor but hey he has an excuse
he is justified
he would like us to think so and he believes himself so much why not

im about as out of the loop
but i figure who cares?