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View Full Version : Office XP

2004-09-25, 01:58
Dollar_Girl, you mentioned in the public forums that you have the Office XP disc but not the product key. You can try this product key to see if it works:

I'm now uploading a 626 MB iso file to a website, that I ripped from a working Office XP CD I have, with the same serial number. When or if I successfully upload it, hopefully completed in about 4 hours time, I will post the link for you all to download it.

I tried to upload it by way of ftp but every two hours the ftp disconnects as I mentioned in this (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showthread.php?t=138) thread. So I'm trying another approach, which is to upload using the file manager of the website's cPanel. If that doesn't work there is the option of a p2p file transfer or running an http server on my computer and getting it to you that way.

2004-09-25, 02:19
can I have my ftp access back?

The Passion
2004-09-25, 02:50
I think I sent dollar a copy of office once, not too sure tho, it has been awhile since me and her have chatted.

2004-09-25, 04:47
The cPanel file transfers fail after uploading 200 MB, at which point they time out, so if it is anything larger than that I would have to transfer the file directly to someone by running an ftp server on the computer.

The Passion
2004-09-25, 04:50
open office is pretty kick ass, and it is free, not microsoft free, the actual free