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View Full Version : This Place Sends A Chill Down My Spine

2004-09-28, 00:11
So puzzling and enigmatic. The one thing that always throws me about internet forums is clones. The idea that 1 guy could use 4 names to talk to himself in a thread strikes me as ludicrous.
I honestly don't have a clue who is who here. I've never seen anything like it. If it turns out that even nicobie isn't real, I'll be doing some serious underwear shopping.


2004-09-28, 02:15
How many beers would it take for that ass to look good to you?

2004-09-28, 02:27
A clone of me?


the shities are always pushin....

Nic puts his fooken nose in the air and sends boogers towards da fools.


2004-09-28, 11:44
How many beers would it take for that ass to look good to you?

lmao! I'd have to be in a coma. That's fucking gross. It's called oxyclean, dude. lol. Actually, just toss em'.

2004-10-06, 10:43
i hope u do not see me as a clone
i never have been and never will be
but then again there is no i to clone
only my collection is possibly me
noone has my mind or body
they cannot make another out of it

2004-10-07, 12:28
He's probably talking about me, I'm the newest of the bunch, I suppose.
Who knows. I don't know the Napho.

2004-10-07, 18:21
all i know there is at least more than 1 body
u cannot have a reason to clone urself and repeat talking to urself
imagine that lmao
a whole forum for someones slit personalities :p that would be humour