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View Full Version : so much for faster connections

2004-10-07, 01:59
ive got a new connection ok
used to have 256/56 thats Kb/s
id get 4 or 5 upload and about 22 KB/s
pretty maxed out
though it should be 32/8 the isps do not see it that way they rip off to no end
now right now ive got 1.5/356
i should be getting even by their theory 150 KB/s down and 25 up

even though in theory it is 187/32

now in reality i get about 5 to 7 KB/s of poor stability upload so my credits are getting nowhere
but my download is about 47 at max

and its not just emule which u would expect

is this just capitalism at its best???

what the fuck can i do?

ive got my setting worked out and ive had much help to do so
maybe there is a windows problem?
i cannot see it
im not a complete computer illerate so im not just missing something silly

this is fucked when u have a terra byte to download and the cd's to burn it on and the connection and the sources but not effect to the cause like it should be

any ideas?

2004-10-07, 12:43
Divide the bits by eight in order to get the Bytes. You said you're now on a 1500/356 plan. That is 187/44 kBps. I'm supposedly on a 1500/384 plan which would correspond to 187/48 kBps. What I actually get is 280/42 kBps. That leads me to believe that I'm actually on a 3000/384 plan without them realizing it.

Often you don't get your full theoretical speeds from your ISP, but maybe 90% of it instead. When you use filesharing programs and you have both uploads and downloads running, you must make sure that they aren't running at full bandwidth. It is easy to max out one's upload bandwidth, but by doing so one would slow down one's download speeds. You ought to limit your upload speed to be about 70% of theoretical speeds or 85% of actual speeds. With my upload speed capability of 42 kBps, I would set my maximum upload to be no more than about 36 kBps.

You can see this similar thread for more information about bandwidth:

2004-10-07, 17:33
no the connection is 1500/256
187/32 right?
i cannot upload at max and i cannot download at max
i cannot get above 10 in emule get even near max download though im happy to give most i can without saturatin my bandwidth
ive got it capped at about 25 or 26
yes 26
it will not go near it
ive done all i know to do
they try to say (the isp) that 256k users can only expect 20 kB a sec
12 less than it should but still emule capped on about 25 would be fine right?
im fucking sick of these emule-help type sites which say in 4 hours u can have max dl speed and look ur credits just have to build

i look at emule
1.31 total upload
3.5 up
and it rises and falls
it cannot be simply as is i dont know i think ill have to give up on these and move my temp and reinstall windows
damn thats the biggest pain
the worst of all pains

why do they not put emule into one network with edonkey
serverless nets too
too much division
too little downloading