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View Full Version : help I'm being h@><ored

2004-10-07, 20:38
For the second time in a month I've received a type of trojan through my email address..and would really like this to stop please.

2004-10-07, 20:43
this is just pathetic. Rastaman from the tehru forums is the one sending me these things. This makes the 3rd crappy visual basic script virus i've got from him recently.
Dude you have gripe with me...let's hear about it here don't do silly shit like this..please.

2004-10-08, 01:22
weren't you ever told to use a rubber when having sex with strangers

The Passion
2004-10-08, 01:45
way to go rasta!

2004-10-08, 02:22
:big fooken grin:

I like rasta, don't like u.

so could u just Die.

2004-10-08, 02:23
DIE ......


2004-10-08, 12:11
Geez, why would this guy do such a thing? Okay, I pondered that one for about 3 seconds.