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View Full Version : my name is slx and i approve this message

2004-10-09, 20:16
tired of microsoft monolopies....want something refreshing and new....try tab'd browsing...

microsoft got fat & lazy after winning the browser war against netscape several years ago and has since done nothing to contribute to the modernization of browsing...

well worry not pals....there are a few good ones, that, for the past 3-4 months i've been test driving, thanks to each of the web browsers download sites

they're free....they're better than IE....they'll put a smile on your face and make you say "wow...i coulda had a V8"....well maybe...let me know if any of them did

i settled on FireFox after the latest version was released but prior to firefox i gave Avant Browser www.avantbrowser.com a hard ride and she never work'd up a sweat

then i took Maxthon www.maxthon.com/en/ ,formerly known as MyIE for a ride into the sunset and she did 120 in 60 seconds and was low on gas mileage as well

anyway my pik was FireFox....for me, it's the best of them all, roll'd into one....plus many, many great extensions you can add for your surfing enjoyment...you dudes can google this one yourself...anyway, try it you'll be amazed and scratch your ass wondering why you've used IE all this time...i know i did

*this has been an unpaid spam announcement

2004-10-10, 03:08
The only reason I use Internet Explorer is for laziness, because it comes already with the operating system. That's why most people use it. I'm looking forward to trying it out, once I format my hard drive and put in a clean install of XP one of these days. Switching over from Outlook Express to Thunderbird for my POP3 email ought to be challenging. I wonder if I can import the .dbx files to the new client so I can still retain my old emails.

It's interesting that the billionaires at Microsoft made a shitty browser but the dudes at Mozilla made an open source browser even better for free. The idea that people only create something worthwhile in order to receive financial reimbursement has been disproven countless times.

Microsoft or Unix fanboys have tried to argue that closed source products are more secure, but in reality open source allows peer review, while closed source forces you to trust the company when they tell you it's secure. Internet Explorer and Windows has had a bad history with its security vulnerabilities.

2004-10-10, 03:36
dude...don't wait to format...try FF now...you can import your crap from IE with a mouse click...favorites, cookies, etc

the only thing i've run into maybe once, is a page won't display because activeX is required, which FF doesn't support but that ain't bad....screens lot's of crap....but there's an extension that allows those pages to display in IE automagically if you want them

you can still use IE after FF is installed...each time you open one or the other they set themselves as the default browser...heck, i use all of the above...cept IE...all of the ones i listed except FF are built on or re-writes of IE with more options...so you'd see no change in the way you surf with IE except the additional features

go for it e....you'll say "wow..i coulda had a v8"....hopefully

2004-10-10, 04:44
i can trick u into thinking im using IE though :p
tabbed and more
very beautiful

2004-10-17, 10:58
This seems to be a popular browser. How hard is it to set up?

2004-11-09, 03:08
The ultimate in geekiness would be to have a party celebrating the release of Firefox 1.0 tomorrow. You can see the party listing here (http://www.openforce.at/mozparty2/).

2004-11-09, 13:02
lol....the silly stuff boys with toys do

it's one great browser...i've not had any problems and best of all...zero spyware/tracking cookies since i've been using it

sorry raar..i just saw your ? from last month...it's really easy to use....the extensions and add ons are very easy to understand as well

try it....vote microsoft internet xplorer out...vote mozilla firefox in

2004-11-09, 16:20
I like the Bookmarks Toolbar Folder that allows you to put your favorite sites on the toolbar.

2004-11-09, 16:32
slx when I look at the User Agent for "Who's Online" it shows your Firefox being a build from October 1st, while mine is November 7th.

this is you:
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; rv:1.7.3) Gecko/20041001 Firefox/0.10.1

this is me:
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.5) Gecko/20041107 Firefox/1.0

It looks like you need to go to Windows Update too because your number is 1.7.3 and mine is 1.7.5. When I use IE it displays SV1 instead of rv:1.7.5.

P2P Consortium (http://www.p2pconsortium.ipbhost.com/index.php?act=idx) displays the browser of its members who are online there. I was publicly put to shame for running IE before I switched to Firefox.

2004-11-09, 16:58
Originally I downloaded the Mozilla Suite and tried to work with that, but I found it wasn't good for using email. The Mozilla Suite is not the same as getting Thunderbird and Firefox together, though I thought it was. So I downloaded Thunderbird and Firefox separately and installed them both. Thunderbird did fine with importing my old email and settings from Outlook Express. I did that before formatting my hard drive. Then to save those emails after formatting, I backed up and copied the entire folder from C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles. Then after formatting and installing Thunderbird I copied and replaced the four files into the correct folder: Inbox, Sent, Inbox.msf, and Sent.msf and had my old email working on the newly formatted computer. I also imported the address book which I had previously exported as an .ldif file and that worked okay too.

Mozilla's site is pretty slow today. It must be the new version.

2004-11-09, 21:56
you're running a later "nightly build" of firefox than i am....i could update it but then i'd have to install all my extensions and stuff...the differences between the build you have and mine probably can't be seen with the naked eye

yeah i need to update xp but i hate those MS downloads....until it breaks, i ain't gonna fix it...you may have SP2 which i decided to pass on after reading a lot of horror stories reviews

what extensions are you using....here's a list of mine

always remember password
auto login
compact menu
cookie culler
download manager tweak
menu editor
image zoom
nuke anything
nuke image
search button
session saver
tab x
unclose tabs
tabbrowser extensions
chrome edit
favicon picker

2004-11-09, 22:41
Extensions? I'm using none of those. Tools-->Extensions is empty for me.

I checked the User Agent of Who's Online by logging in from the p2p computer using the latest Mozilla Firefox. But from that computer, there is no Service Pack installed and it still shows rv:1.7.5. I wonder if that refers to the version of Firefox rather than to Windows.

2004-11-10, 00:15
Extensions? I'm using none of those. Tools-->Extensions is empty for me.no extensions? they are what makes firefox so cool....visit these 2 links to start

there'll be a description of what they do, just be sure they are for V1.0 or higher, otherwise they won't work....they are very very tiny java files that download in a blink

do some searchs for skins too...there are a couple that are much more appealing, to me anyway, than the default



2004-11-12, 02:21
I installed on extension. It is fireFTP, an ftp client for Firefox. That is a weakness of Firefox compared with IE, that it doesn't have built in ftp capabilities. And I went to the SmartFTP (http://www.smartftp.com/) site and found out they are making it commercialized so it's not free anymore.

One tip for installing extensions in Firefox is that you have to set in your preferences: Tools-->Options-->Web Features-->Allow web sites to install software enabled.

This link looks to be a good place for the extensions:

2004-11-15, 08:27
Omg. Wow, you dudes are making this sound more complicated than I initially thought it would be.

2004-11-15, 11:29
it's not complicated at all...

2004-11-20, 18:19
Web Developer (http://www.chrispederick.com/work/firefox/webdeveloper/) is another extension I have installed. It allows you to disable all images for quick browsing, and many other options in a toolbar for viewing a website's information.

2005-01-17, 16:37
Only thing I don't like about firefox is that when I try and save this webpage it saves it as 'showthread.php.htm' rather than 'The Inferno - my name is slx and i approve this message.mht'
Sure it saves the page but it doesn't save the descriptive title of it which is what I need it to be able to do for later easy referencing. It is this offline browsing capability which makes Internet Explorer so attractive to me..'ie' (pun intended) the ability to save complete webpages in one easily compact file (mht) with appropriate description of the saved page done automatically in the example of this page that would be: "The Inferno - my name is slx and i approve this message.mht" rather than the very generic and confusing 'showthread.php.htm' which isn't very useful at all to me.

2005-02-25, 10:03
Firefox version 1.0.1 was released yesterday.

My browser now gives this as the user agent:
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.6) Gecko/20050223 Firefox/1.0.1

2005-05-01, 14:11
I'm using Firefox 1.03 with the extensions Web Developer and Html Validator installed. I had my mother's husband using the computer this weekend and after using it, every website I visit keeps reloading the images every time I open a new page. So it's as if I have no cache or somewhere in my settings it is set to reload the images of every page I visit. I tried clearing the cache in Firefox and I verified that it is set to 50000 KB. I set the Web Developer options back to default, but I didn't find a way to set the Firefox options back to the default. How could I change it so that I don't have to reload images every time I visit a site?

2005-05-01, 15:21
enable caching and increase the size of your cache from 50kb to 2mb or however much caching you want. 60mb works for me.

2005-05-02, 00:59
Here's the solution to the problem with the cache. Type in the address bar about:config. There you will get all the detailed settings for the Firefox browser. Entries which are in bold are the ones which have been customized. The entry that affects the hard disc cache is called browser.cache.disk.enable. You have to make sure it is set to true in order to work.

2005-05-02, 01:27
Here's the solution to the problem with the cache. Type in the address bar about:config. There you will get all the detailed settings for the Firefox browser. Entries which are in bold are the ones which have been customized. The entry that affects the hard disc cache is called browser.cache.disk.enable. You have to make sure it is set to true in order to work.

aint that what I said? enable caching?
but there must be an easier way to do it then that...like a tools>options>preferences sorta thing.

Remember a normal webpage with graphics can be around 50kb for a single page its self so the size of your cache if I did my math right was set to the size for a single webpage...thus it was refreshing due to a full cache.

Too much caching can slow your browsing down...believe it or not and caching shouldn't be enabled if you plan to use a proxy server coz sometimes it doesn't update with the new information when this feature is enabled.

2005-05-06, 03:52
I found a site that refuses to work properly with Firefox and only works with Internet Explorer. It is http://www.weightwatchers.com/. This is a load of crap. Any site which refuses to work with Firefox is cause for suspicion that they're going to put some adware or spyware on your computer.

Earlier I was running Internet Explorer, and suddenly a webpage popped up that I didn't select. After doing a scan on the computer using Spybot Search and Destroy (http://www.safer-networking.org/en/), I found that I had something called "MarketScore" on the computer. I had trouble removing it and the Spybot program froze, but I was able to do so after rebooting the computer and scanning it with Spybot again. I find it interesting that I ended up with a crap program that affects Internet Explorer only, even though I use Firefox as my default browser. I don't know how I got that crap on my computer but I think someone was using it and may have installed something that promises to make your internet connection faster called "Netsetter".

This makes me realize that I could use a separate computer for guests or children to use so I can keep the problems isolated. Though I suppose one learns more when one has problems with the computer.

I'll bet that I could go to a news site like CNET (http://www.cnet.com/) and find a few articles saying that Firefox has just as many vulnerabilities or problems as Internet Explorer. But I have come to see many of the articles there as having a pro-Microsoft or pro-RIAA stance, so their credibility has been diminished for me. Also don't forget that CNET owns CNET Download.com (http://www.download.com/), which is loaded with free adware, spyware, crapware, and bloatware programs. By corrupting the idea of free software, they are working in the interests of BSA companies like Microsoft or others threatened by open source products. They believe that you don't deserve good software unless it is proprietary and you paid a lot of money for it.

2005-05-06, 19:42
i've been using firefox quite awhile now & no probs....haven't had a pop up or any spyware since.....i use cookie culler ext to remove all cookies that spybot or adaware would remove and once removed, they can never be placed again as long as that's my setting

take a look at greasemonkey extension

2005-05-06, 22:18
Grease Monkey looks like too much bloat for me. I wonder how many webmasters will be angry that the extension alters what they think of as their "content" or their "intellectual property". Perhaps Microsoft will try to introduce a DRM version of html so that people can't alter the content or appearance of websites.

I was looking through the scripts (http://dunck.us/collab/GreaseMonkeyUserScripts) of Grease Monkey and found one that was just what I need for weightwatchers.com:
"WeightWatchers SiteRequirements Bypass: Skips weightwatchers' braindead browser check, and lets you use the site with Firefox."

2005-05-10, 10:30
Here is how to make your Firefox more secure. In Tools>Options>Web Features uncheck Allow web sites to install software and Enable JavaScript. You would only need to temporarily turn on the setting to allow websites to install software in order to update or get new extensions. Some sites such as Maze's site (http://www.cstone.net/~mays/Napster/Napsterites!.html) don't work properly without javascript enabled. For this forum here, javascript is not necessary.

2005-05-10, 22:47
Actually javascript is needed for a few extra features on this forum, such as "Quick Links" on the top navbar, and the ability to change your style quickly without going into the User CP. Also when you manage your attachments and javascript is disabled, the popup window does not close with the "close window" button. I think that disabling javascript also prevents a popup notification when you get a new PM.

2005-07-21, 03:22
Firefox version 1.06 is out. Also if you have Greasemonkey as an extension you will need to uninstall it or install version 0.3.5, due to a recently discovered security vulnerability (http://greaseblog.blogspot.com/2005/07/mandatory-greasemonkey-update.html).

2005-07-22, 06:32
1.06 has been on my desktop for a week to install....grease monkey was corrected...i read the news about the flaw

take a look at another extension....http://platypus.mozdev.org/

2006-05-02, 19:05
Firefox 1.5 was released in November 2005 and Firefox 2 is to be released in August 2006.

For those of you who had trouble with your extensions (addons) when you upgraded to Firefox 1.5, here is the cause of the problem. In version 1 of Firefox, in order for your extensions to install properly, you needed to allow in your Firefox options for websites to install software. Such an option disappeared from the user interface with the upgrade to version 1.5, and is now controlled by going into about:config in the address bar. Scroll down to the variable xpinstall.enabled and set it to "true". Your extensions should now be able to be installed and upgraded.
(source) (http://kb.mozillazine.org/Unable_to_install_themes_or_extensions_(Firefox))

I had trouble figuring this problem out because when I tried to upgrade my extensions it gave me a message: "Software installation is currently disabled. Click Edit Options... to enable it and try again.". Yet when I went to the Edit Options page there was nothing to be found, because they had moved the controls for it to the about:config section.

The two extensions I have installed are:
1. Web Developer (https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/60/)
2. Html Validator (https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/249/)

2006-11-01, 14:54
Firefox 2 is out.

Right away I noticed that it had a spell checker turned on by default. I turned that off because I don't use spell checkers. To control the spell checker settings see Tools-->Options-->Advanced-->General-->Check my spelling as I type. The developers of vBulletin are working to have the Firefox spell checker compatible within the What You See Is What You Get editor, as you can read about here (http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/showthread.php?t=206619).

I ran into a problem with broken images on this site here. When I viewed the same images with Internet Explorer they worked fine though. Even Web Developer (https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/60/) listed the images as broken. Finally I cleared out my cache and that solved the problem. To clear the cache go to Tools-->Options-->Advanced-->Network-->Clear Now. It seems to be a bad design that the image would show up as broken if the cache is full. I don't know if the problem is unique to Firefox 2. I recall that Internet Explorer used to save jpeg files from a website only as bloated bitmap files when its cache was full.

One difference between how Internet Explorer handles broken images and Firefox handles broken images, is that IE puts a broken image tag while Firefox does not. So you are more aware of broken images if you use Internet Explorer. You could argue that each approach is good. Firefox hides broken images, which is aesthetically more pleasing. But Internet Explorer alerts you to broken image problems, which is also good.

I don't know what changes IE 7 will bring. I have disabled automatic Microsoft updates ever since I had trouble with the malicious WGA program (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showthread.php?t=995).

Firefox does not update favicons in the bookmarks even if the website updates them. In order to control your favicons and update them you also should get the add-on Favicon Picker 2 (https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/3176/). That way if you see a discrepancy between the favicon in your bookmarks and the favicon in the navigation bar, you can delete the one in your bookmarks.

When you export your bookmarks in Firefox, it also includes the favicons within the html file, which bloats the file. An exported bookmarks file from IE is a lot smaller because there are no favicons. I think for exporting and importing bookmarks in Firefox, there should be an option to either include or disregard the favicons in the file.

A couple of weeks ago I installed Verizon Online DSL software and it gave trouble to my Firefox. The first thing it did was give me a message that I needed to use Internet Explorer. I have attached a screenshot of that error message to this post. Regardless I continued to use Firefox in the installation. Later on I had trouble going into my router menu and I couldn't figure out why. Only a couple of days later did I realize that the Verizon Online DSL software had disabled javascript in Firefox. The control for javascript can be found in Tools-->Options-->Content-->Enable JavaScript. Because Verizon's software had disabled javascript, I was not able to enter my username and password in the Linksys router menu, and was not able to use my router. That's bad design on the part of Verizon's software. Verizon set it up so that users would have Internet Explorer and Outlook Express set up for them, but there should not have been any changes made to the Firefox settings.