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2004-10-12, 05:27
Why George Bush Shouldn't Be Reelected
By Dustin Rowles

I spent a great deal of time pondering whether or not to support the war in Iraq, but, in the end, I felt it was unjustified. I donít believe that 9/11 was George Bushís fault, but I want to blame him. I want very badly to blame him. Because even if he wasnít to blame, I want the world to believe that he was.

I do not want George Bush to be reelected. I love this country too much to believe that its people will reelect a man like this. To reelect a man that seems to exude hatred, who radiates misplaced machismo, who secretes his poisonous smirk, somehow nodding to those around him, winking as though indicating heís about to pull another fast one on the American people.

Every choice that President Bush makes is calculated, clearly aimed at reelection and at wielding his power over the most powerful country in the world. The man brazenly gives up American lives in that pursuit, showing little or no outward remorse in between his stuttered monosyllables. All outward indications point to the only conclusion I can summon: Our President has no soul.

In the beginning, I was willing to give President Bush the benefit of the doubt. When he went to Iraq, like most everyone else, even the most liberal, I believed that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. I never believed that Bush was pushing a war for personal gain. I didnít think that any one person, especially one person chosen to be the president (even if he didnít gain the popular vote) would go that far for his own personal benefit. I scoffed at my peers for suggesting as much.

Decried them as conspiracy theorists. I couldnít understand why they refused to put any faith in our democratic system. In a man that stood above us all as President of the free world.

But as the war went (goes) on, as our troops died (die), as President Bush trumpeted dead bodies in his reelection commercials but refused to let the rest of America see the results of the war in Iraq by prohibiting the media from taking pictures of American corpses, I lost what little faith I had in a man I had reluctantly supported because he was our president.

And then he lied about the cost of Medicare. He lied about his service to the country, when it would have been so easy to admit that he didnít believe in the Vietnam war. He lied about his education policies. He continued to lie about the existence of weapons of mass destruction. He lied about what he knew before 9/11, even though few people would have blamed him for not being ready for a terrorist attack. It was a terrorist attack, for Godís sake Ė who the hell could have foreseen hijacked planes flown into the WTC Towers? Then, to top it off, he needlessly tore down a 30-year civil servant who has done nothing but dedicate his life to the service of America.

Itís not merely the fact that heís lied. President Clinton lied. But Bill Clintonís lies didnít kill people. The lie I hate most is that George W. Bush led those troops who died in Iraq (630 and counting) to believe that they were avenging the deaths of 3,000 people in New York, when even he has now admitted there was no link between Bin Laden and Iraq. It is a lie that not only led to needless deaths, but a lie that led those who died to believe they died for a greater cause.

But the fact of the matter is, more than I hate President Bushís lies, more than I hate where heís taken the country, even more than I hate his politics, I hate the man. I hate the way he talks, with that false self-assurance, even when he can barely put two words together. I hate the way he walks, swaggering with his shoulders poking out, his nostrils flared, seemingly ready to beat up anyone smaller than him - America's schoolyard bully. I hate his lack of humility. I hate the way he grins. His voice makes my skin crawl. His flared nostrils make my blood boil.

But beyond everything else, I hate the way he drives me to personally assassinate his character. Because I donít want to despise anyone, much less the President of my own country. I believe in finding the best in all people, but I canít seem to find anything in President Bush to believe in. I hate that heís made me distrust my own president. And I hate most of all that I hate the leader of a country I love so much.

hey you guys & gals....i'll toss all this political crap in the trash after election day.....

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