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View Full Version : MusicMagnet to close

2003-07-02, 22:23
MM Farewell

I want to thank everyone who has come and helped MM become a great place. But as most things change so do us. As of July 31st MM will be going offline. There is not enough time or effort left to keep it going thus we must abandon ship. I would like to invite all of you to www.thefourthcontact.com. This is my new home and I also know will be the home to many of the frequent visitors of MM. There you will get the same news and music\DVD releases each day\week. Plus the same great people and atmosphere you have come to expect. I have enjoyed working and chatting to everyone and hope you will come and join us at out new home. Thanks TheOnlyBob Admin

2003-07-10, 04:00
isn't Music Magnet, Rickio's site???
or is it Theonlybob's???

2003-07-10, 09:38
It was theonlybob's (Kenny's) site. thefourthcontact.com is Undermind's site.

2003-07-10, 18:14
yeah, i had checked out Undermind's site.
looks pretty cool....but i have not checked out the forums.
maybe i will.