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View Full Version : lousy morning.

2004-10-17, 12:08
so i wake up this morning and both my eyes are infected and dried shut. No matter how hard i tried to pry my eyes open, they were just crusted shut. I have never had infected eyeballs before. I am not happy this has happened. Anyway, despite the eye problem, i thought i would carry on with my day... and as i am getting out of bed, uknown to me, there is a large spring sticking out of my matress and as i slide myself towards the edge of the bed, blind as a bat, the tip of the spring makes a 4 inch, and pretty deep scratch going from my lower back down my arse cheek.


2004-10-17, 14:52
sorry to hear that.

2004-10-17, 16:13
I used to get that type of thing with my eyes when I got a cold. It hasn't happened recently. I try to avoid touching my eyes. Do you have anything besides the eye infection? You use makeup and eyeliner. I wonder if that would be a way to get an eye infection.

That spring gash you got reminds me of a time I was in the shower with my daughter, and I stood up after washing her but my back was too close to the faucet, and the faucet put a gash in my back. It didn't bleed much but the gash was there for a few weeks.

2004-10-17, 23:00
yeah the doctor said i had mine because of my cold. here people tend to get sick and get colds in summer, more than winter. It is because of the dramatic temperature change. I have conjunctivitis in my eyes.

Sharing make-up is a way to spread infections. It grosses me out when my friends ask to use my lipgloss and eyeliner, because i have never had those coldsore thingies on my lips and i know they have, and they are so easy to catch. Once they are in your blood system, they will keep reoccuring. Eye infections etc can be spread through sharing eye make-up. i am always too polite to say no when it comes to sharing make-up.

2004-10-18, 00:54
I would learn to get rude if I were you..also how about some pics of your swollen, puffy eyes please?

2004-10-18, 01:26
I would learn to get rude if I were you..also how about some pics of your swollen, puffy eyes please?

I meant the 'krusty eye thing' I wanted to see what that looked like.