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View Full Version : getting rid of D-Link DI-604 router

2003-07-03, 18:24
I bought a new router, a Linksys BEFSR41. This is my third router now in the last year. I have had problems with my routers because of the OpenNap server that I am running. High traffic causes them to either freeze or reboot frequently. The D-Link router was pretty good in keeping the high traffic away from the computer and has a good firewall. But it restarted frequently, like every twelve hours. It actually worked too good in protecting the server, it seems.

The D-Link router works with ethernet cables and you can use it for up to four computers to share an internet connection or have a local network. The D-Link router is just an extra piece of equipment that I'm not using. So if you want it, it's yours for free. Here is the product description:

2003-07-03, 23:24
Well, I might actually keep the D-Link router and get rid of the Linksys router, because the server seemed to run better when connected to the D-Link router. Either way I'll end up with an extra router to spare.

2003-07-04, 06:42
i'm looking for a basic router for my brother in law, what do you want for it?

2003-07-04, 07:41
No problem, it's free. It's an extra and I have no use for it. Send to me by way of PM or e-mail, the desired shipping name and address you want me to send it to.

I'll probably mail it Monday.

2003-07-06, 05:12
.nfo sent.

2003-07-06, 17:22
Cool, I'm going postal Monday.
:eek: :jihad:

2003-09-03, 03:26
well i cant see mine there!
thats wierd but its a dlink dsl 504 new im guessing?
it works nice!
im no expert though i could prolly configure it better

2003-09-03, 06:48
Here is the D-Link DSL-504 (http://www.dlink.com.au/products/broadband/dsl504/). For a moment I thought because you couldn't find it on the website, that you were sold an imitation one, like the cheap Rolex watches that are sold on the streets.

2003-09-03, 14:29
well i did find it on the site finally anyway thanx :)