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View Full Version : why vbulletin.nl is lame

2004-10-31, 21:26
They had this thread (http://www.vbulletin.nl/community/showthread.php?t=5962) over at vbulletin.nl (url=http://www.vbulletin.nl/) asking the following question:
Given the chance, if you won a prize, would you accept one of the two:

1. Windows XP Pro Corporate License / Apple Powermac G5 Dual 2.5GHz
- or -
2. a vBulletin owned license with 10 years of download access?

I replied something like:
I would rather have the vBulletin license because I take my forum seriously, but I have no problem running my computer on a pirated copy of Windows. And in regards to Mac, I have no interest.

Today I received a PM from Super Moderator Daniel P (http://www.vbulletin.nl/community/member.php?u=6):
subject: Warez

Hi there, we removed your post where you state you have no issue to run xp illegally - we do not tolerate warez and suspect you to run vBulletin without a license.

2004-11-01, 01:34
it just goes to show...stupid people flourish in spite of modern technology

2004-11-02, 11:34
So what exactly does this super-moderator insinuate? I mean, can he prove one way or the other, if you're running a legal/illegal copy of windows? And if so, can and what sort of actions would he take?

2004-11-02, 16:00
I thought it was lame that he removed the post because of the ideas expressed in them, when I said I used a warez copy of Windows XP. It wasn't like I actually posted a warez link or serial. It was pretty rude to accuse me of something that was not true, that I have a warez vBulletin, and to use that to reprimand me.

Keep in mind that's not the official vBulletin site but merely a fan site. They ought to consider it good news for vBulletin that I chose to buy it. It could be a selling point: this dude got a legitimate license of Windows XP with his new computer in 2002 but instead decided to format the hard drive and get rid of the other crap so there would be a nice clean install, of the warez copy. But he takes his forum seriously and payed for a full owned vBulletin license for $160 back in March 2003, and now pays $25 a year for access to the members and downloads area.

They have no way of knowing whether my copy of XP is warez or not. Not even Microsoft knows, or otherwise I would be FCKGWed.

The Passion
2004-11-10, 01:09
Apple Powermac G5 Dual 2.5GHz

that is what I would have picked, then sold it, then giggled as I drank the profits away

2004-11-11, 00:14
U were just pushing