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View Full Version : account of a person arrested at the RNC

2004-11-04, 14:39
The Republican National Convention held in New York city from August 30 to September brought a lot of protests, and unnecessary arrests. The mayor Michael Bloomberg chose to turn his back on the people and instead had people arrested and detained without being charged beyond the 24 hours that is legally allowed by the city government. By breaking the law it was the mayor's government who were the criminals, trying to surpress the right of the people to protest. The long detentions caused the protesters to miss going back on the streets until after president Bush had left. While mayor Michael Bloomberg has been for the most part non-partisan and pragmatic as a mayor, the way his administration dealt with the protesters is serious and ought to cause him to lose the election in 2005.

You can read the lengthy detailed narrative by Eric Corley, editor of 2600 who goes by the name "Emmanuel Goldstein". He was arrested and detained for a long period.