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View Full Version : changing your Windows XP product key

2004-11-09, 18:30
These instructions work for the Windows XP key changer, which you can download here (http://www.tatom.org/public/xp_keychanger.zip).

The zip file contains four files; three of which are the steps that you need to follow in sequence, plus a text file with a few product keys. Step 2 is the one that requires your input and for you to follow correctly. It will ask "Do you want to activate Windows now?". Choose "Yes, I want to telephone a customer service representative to activate Windows". On the next window select on the bottom to "Change Product key". You will then enter your new 20 digit product key and then hit "Update". Afterwards the next window will come up asking you to register with Microsoft. Close that window and continue to step 3.

In the zip file there is a text file with a few XP keys. I used the first one in the list and it worked. Afterwards I was able to go to the Windows Update site and install Service Pack 2 without restarting the computer. I also didn't bother disconnecting from the internet during the entire process.

The point of changing your product key is that you might have an XP product key that is blacklisted, preventing you from downloading the latest Service Pack. But even with a blacklisted product key, you're not totally FCKGWed because you can still get updates, for all the latest security vulernerabilities, by selecting "Custom Install" and unchecking the Service Pack.