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View Full Version : making it through the day

2004-11-12, 07:43
what does happiness mean to u? or if you don't believe in happiness, what are the things that keep you sane? what are the things u most dread? what could plunge u into deep misery?

what makes your life worth living? and is there anything that could take that worth away?

2004-11-12, 23:13
When I read this I think of people who kill themselves due to depression or unhappiness with life. The people who kill themselves, such as Iris Chang (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/arts/4002289.stm) recently in the news, typically are not failures but have overly high expectations of themselves that can't be met. Unfortunately the miserable failures in this World tend to have great self confidence and little suicidal tendencies.

I have my moments where even though everything seems right in life I still feel depressed. The depression doesn't last more than several hours. When it occurs I realize that it is part of the cycle of mood swings that one has to expect. One can not always be happy in life. Some people, depending on their personalities and disposition, tend to be unhappy a lot or happy a lot. While personality is constant and hard to change, I still try to set people free by way of philosophical arguments, to help them find a solution to their absurd unhappiness. It is tragic when you find someone who is unhappy for trivial reasons and you realize that the person is the biggest cause of his own unhappiness.

I think the key to happiness lies in appreciating the finer things in life (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showthread.php?t=542), which are in fact the simple things in life that so many people overlook and take for granted. Realizing how beautiful life is and seeing the good when it is mixed with the bad, would be an optimistic outlook.

People feel that their lives are meaningful when they can build something or work on a project. You will get people writing books or keeping busy in some way with a project or with their hobby. Performing some kind of work or hobby is important to having a feeling of self worth. One type of work that is taken for granted is raising children, because so many people do it, and many do it wrong. I believe that life is worthwhile when I am given the opportunity to improve things, even on my small level, to make the World a better place.

The Passion
2004-11-13, 01:07
during my life this has changed many times, the main thing that keeps me happy is being with or around my friends or family, to sum it up, just to be around the ones I love.

happiness means content, I feel good about myself, my life, the things I do, in general. when I think about the last few years, it makes me smile, which is one of the few times in my life I can say if I think back it makes me feel good.

things I dread, hmmm, a few years ago I could have filled a notebook with things I dread. I guess I am less negative these days, because I am having trouble thinking of things that really piss me off.

2004-11-14, 01:42
Happiness is all about U.

If u are not happy then none around u will be either.

Take care of yourself 1st. The rest will follow.

Haven't you noticed how you like to be around 'happy' peeps?

Try faking it for a week or so. U'd be suprized how natural it comes with a bit of pratice.

Again, It's all about you sweetie.... L o L's

2004-11-14, 14:37
It would be hard for me to be happy or get through life if my daughter or wife died. I don't know how parents can deal with losing their children.

2004-11-14, 23:51
It would be hard for me to be happy or get through life if my daughter or wife died. I don't know how parents can deal with losing their children.

And u week dicked dillweed try to tell us how to live?

Nothing is easy~~~~ better get ready to deal with the bad,

or be like tttimmy and off yourself first.