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View Full Version : Hi ppl......I am now a proud mommy

2004-11-17, 16:28
Long time no post but Dan and i had a beautiful baby girl on 11-1-04. Her name is Anastasia Gabrielle. She was born at 17:40 20 inches long 7 lbs. 3 oz. very busy but wanted to say hi and share the great news with you all. Was going to post a pic but not sure how it works now so here is a link to her pics at the hospital internet nursery. https://secure.stj.com/InternetNursery2/NurseryDisplay.aspx?id=680

Also congrats on your 2nd E!!!!!!!!!!

2004-11-17, 23:41
It's good to hear from you again. Thanks for the picture. I wasn't aware you had a daughter. She's two weeks old now. 20 inches sounds taller than average. I forget some things since then but I recall the first two weeks I didn't want any visitors, but after that things settled down. I recall that my daughter would only open her eyes maybe an hour a day at that point, at around midnight. We had a baby monitor but we never used it. It's okay if the baby cries a little before waking up. Here's a tip I can give you. Some people go running the second the baby cries but it's okay to finish whatever you're doing, to preserve your sanity before attending to the baby. Otherwise everything will be in a state of chaos, which is hard to deal with on top of having a newborn baby.

As I recall my daughter slept through the night for the first time when she was about two months old. It varies with babies, as some babies sleep more and eat more than others. Usually feeding the baby before sleeping helps, and the heavier babies sleep better. Are you breast feeding? That's good for the baby's health. My wife went back to work after three months and then we had a babysitter come to the house daily while we worked.

My own baby is expected to be a girl and will be born on February 7.

2004-11-18, 00:04
wow, that is so exciting and fantastic bad_fish! you're daughter looks so beautiful, and you have picked out such a stunning name! i'm very happy for u, and most importantly happy that your baby is healthy. I figure u might have mentioned if there was something wrong, so i hope that my assumption is correct in saying ur baby girl is a healthy and happy bub!

if i have a girl i will call her Giselle Isabelli. hehehheheh.

2004-11-18, 02:15
Good for U badfish (& Dan too )

Life will change a bit, but that's ok.

2004-11-18, 07:25
Thanks guys!! Things are different and she is healthy (THANK ALL THE GODS AND POWERS THAT BE!!!!!) It was very warm today and so we went out for the first time ever and I was so scared but 2.5 weeks of seclusion was getting to me! My mom comes by daily to help out so that is great. If not for that it would be chaos! I am glad that you like the name Dollar. Dan's mom wasn't crazy about it but we both love it. The idea of ever sleeping thru the night sounds like heaven!!!! We aew just trying to treasure every moment as she will grow too fast!! in fact I am holding her as I type this. One hand makes for slow going so now would not be a good time to start a flame war with Slx! LMAO.

The Passion
2004-11-18, 09:34
congrats to you and dan, BF. babies scare me, but that seems to only apply if they might be mine, so rock on to you two :)

2004-11-19, 00:41
Now u'll be known as goodfish?

2004-11-19, 01:53
I am feeling much mor goodfishish lately. 2.5 weeks and she has already made me soft but don't tell okay? Gotta keep my game face on. :devil: :axe: :mad:

2004-11-20, 03:38
good for you girlfriend

i hope the lil guppy grows up to be the 9th woman, democratic president of the US

2004-11-24, 11:34
Congratulations, Badfish.

2004-11-25, 01:40
good for you girlfriend

i hope the lil guppy grows up to be the 9th woman, democratic president of the US


She would be almost 40.

2005-02-12, 21:56
there never was a democratic president
congrats on the lil one

spittin out everywhere
thats lust for ya :p

my daughter will be named Sueve Sahana

know the first part it just wierd to most and is german pronounciation and the second indian name meaning patience

2005-11-01, 09:20
Here we are a year later. It is the first birthday of Anastasia Gabrielle. I like that name. It would be nice to see some more recent pictures. That link (https://secure.stj.com/InternetNursery2/NurseryDisplay.aspx?id=680) of the pictures of the newborn baby which badfish_76 posted in the first post of this thread crashes Firefox due to a problem with the security certificate, but it works on Internet Explorer.

Today is a day to celebrate the anniversary of the baby's birth, and to congratulate the parents as well.

It's a good time to have a birthday, because of the coincidence of Halloween and All Saint's day. Last night I lit the candles in the pumpkins and let them go all night, because it was Halloween. But I also thought of the upcoming birthday of Anastasia and the celebration of her life, and the candles took on that meaning for me as well.


2005-11-02, 01:00
hip hip horaaaaaaaayyy.

2005-11-02, 02:11
Happy Birthday, Anastasia Gabrielle!

and yep, Congrats to MomFish and Dad, too.

That was nice, eclectica. I never had kids but I think it would be fun watching them when they are that little and every single thing they come across is a brand new discovery. Seems to me it might give you a different perspective. Maybe not. That's probably a romantacized view of things and maybe I'm just hoping that is how it is.

2005-11-02, 02:36
Having children is wonderful and has led for me to feel satisfied and happy with my life. While we are used to our children and take their existence for granted usually, sometimes we look at them anew and are amazed that they came from us.

I had my first daughter out of a desire to have children, but for my second daughter the main desire was to give my first daughter a brother or sister.

Some people have children easily and others have a great difficulty. And it seems unfair when comparing the situations of people who have children easily that don't even want their children or love them, with loving parents who have reproductive problems and can't bear any children.

2005-11-22, 10:36
bit late... but happy birthday baby Anastasia Gabrielle. Would love to see some new pics of the bubby.