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2004-11-28, 05:36
i have just come back from a holiday at the Gold Coast. Stayed in cool hotel called the crowne plaza, bumped into a couple of funky aussie singers, sabotaged peoples breakfast menus and ate so much i think i will die.

The crowne plaza has 26 floors, with the top floor being a revolving restraunt. the walls are entirely made of glass and the view rotates 360 deg. it is fantastic to see the beach from so high up.

Skoolies was on, which is an annual event that occurs, starting when year 12 students finish highschool and then go to the coast to party for a week and a half... this means thousands of 16 year olds, massive stages and raves on the beach and every mcdonald in a 10 km radius being so packed that u cant even find the counter.

However, i avoided that area and decided that sitting on the balcony facing the beach with friends and sipping cocktails was the way to go. hooraaaaaaaaaaaaaa

2004-11-28, 05:57
Ah, beach partys...


2004-11-28, 05:59
LOL, beach parties aren't cool if they are packed with hyperactive teenagers drinking beer and eating big macs :coffee: :coward:

2004-11-28, 17:49
I'm trying to picture how that rotating restaurant works and how you would enter it. Also, how would they get the plumbing to work there.

In the United States people have to be 21 in order to legally drink alcohol, but kids still find ways to drink alcohol at parties.

2004-11-28, 23:37
the restraunt is in the shape of a circle. It looks like a giant black cake sitting on one side of the building. the outside of the circle does not move, and in the inside the floor is divided into two sections. There is a centre of the circle which is the kitchen, bar, toilet etc, that remains still. Then the outside ring of the circle is the part that rotates. that part has no plumbing as that is where the buffets and tables are. It does a full rotation approximately every 35 minutes. you enter it via elevator. it takes you right into the centre of the restraunt, which is the non-moving section.

2004-11-28, 23:40
in australia the legal drinking age is 18. i was reading an article in the national paper about schoolies on the Gold Coast, and how many parents actually went to the store to buy alcohol for their young kids. There was one account where a mother went shopping with her daughter, and while her daugher was pointing out alcohol she wants, the mother just kept loading up the basket. When she went to pay, she had over 6 litres of alcohol, and the person behind the counter refused her service.

the mothers reasoning was that at least she knows what her daughter would be drinking.

most adults can't be reasonable with alcohol, let alone a teenager who is draging 6 litres of spirits etc to a giant beach rave. last year there were 450 alcohol related arrests at scoolies.

2004-11-29, 01:30


I like to do both kind of things.

I'm happy u had fun.

2004-11-29, 12:46
I think the drinking age should be lowered to 18 for a number of reasons. For one 18 year olds are adults so they should be allowed to drink. It also encourages binge drinking and mass violation of the law. I agree with Engs here:

It sounds like a great time, drinking on the balcony with your friends and enjoying the view of the beach.

2004-12-01, 10:15
i disagree with Engs here :

I also propose that individuals of any age be permitted to consume alcohol under the direct supervision of their parents in their own homes.

I think this completely challenges and contradicts a law existing in the first place,in regards to a minimum drinking age.

I also think there are many parents out there who are not responsible enough to properly make judgements in such situations and i also do not think many of them can be trusted to fully supervise their kids drinking alcohol in the first place. Alcohol is an addictive substance, and parents should not encourge a young teenager to drink alcohol at home. Why not encourage your 12 year old to have sex in the room next door, arguing that "at least she's doing it under my roof", or pass a joint to a 13 year old kid. Supervision doesn't make it ok. I wouldn't encourage kids to develop bad habbits at such a young age. I see many parents making the innocent mistake, getting their kids addicted to things, far too young. I see mothers shoveling mcdonalds into a 3 year olds mouth, feeding them fried chicken and chocolate bars, sitting them infront of a tv just to keep them occupied. Soon the kid is an obese teenager who spends his pocket money on hamburgers and spends his spare time staring at a tv or computer. Fat bellies and curved spines jsut means the kids are going to suffer diabetes and bone problems earlier than any generation.

On the other hand, while fewer young people are drinking

meanwhile drug experimentation is on the rise. Maybe alcohol as a drug has just been replaced by narcotics and weed. Alcohol used to be one of the easiest accessible highs, but now young people are popping pills for a high, because modern-culture says it is the coolest drug of rebellion.

And lowering the drinking age would help send the important message that drinking is, in itself, not evidence of maturity...... that responsible consumption for those who choose to drink is evidence of maturity.

that is assuming that kids are drinking to be 'mature'. most kids i know, drink just to get pissed. they like the high. for them it has nothing to do with doing a 'grown up' thing.

As parents we need to be good role models in what we say and do.

that's a whole other issue. there are alot of parents out there who themselves are under the legal drinking age.

i think 21 is too high to be the legal drinking age. it should be reduced to 18 or 19.

2005-02-12, 21:39
i think drinking should be based on maturity and physical readiness
pass the fucking test and drink your ass off

some people are not fully grown at 18
i stopped growing 19 and a half
was drinking at 12

as ive said drinking is an escape of unhappy people that does not work

alcohol - the cause and solution of all of lifes problems - Homer Simpson

the great american rolemodel (or reality)

well the not so great americans and others like it round the world