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View Full Version : looking for a music lover network

2003-07-06, 02:16
Mostly I'm looking for a network which allows high quality mp3s to be shared. I like WinMX and will stick with it, but I am also curious to try out an additional network instead of running the OpenNap server. I am getting bored with running the server. And it seems like a waste of bandwidth and computer resources. There is too much traffic on the server, and it no longer runs well. About 4 kbps of upload is going just to running the server. I would rather devote that to another network or for uploading mp3s.

I heard Piolet (http://www.piolet.com/) is just for mp3s, so I'm planning on testing it. What are your recommendations on programs to try? I want a network which can be big and has growth potential too.

2003-07-07, 09:40
Soulseek is probably what you want. Piolet/Blubster has run of the mill music but SS has an eclectic mix and is mostly for true music lovers; some might say snobs. It has alot of specialized rooms too. http://www.slsk.org/

2003-07-07, 11:57
Thanks, I'll check out Soulseek. I didn't like Piolet with all the popup ads and lack of bandwidth controls. I'm going to try running a SlavaNap server and see how that goes. I figured out that a lot of my server problems were from people using Lopster, but OpenNap doesn't allow client banning.

2003-07-08, 09:51
I like Soulseek better than Piolet. I tried running WinMX, Soulseek, and a SlavaNap server with 100 people all at the same time on the computer and it is working okay. The hard thing is trying to set the bandwidth for all the applications. I have 13.3 KB/s bandwidth available. Running the server takes up about 2 KB/s bandwidth. I set the bandwidth for WinMX to be 6 KB/s with two slots, and Soulseek to be 5 KB/s with one slot open. I don't get many uploads on Soulseek.

Sometimes Soulseek uses the connection as a node, because I see around ten connections to other computers on port 2234, along with a little TCP/IP traffic. At other times it is quiet and there is no activity. On WinMX I am never a node, because in order to be so, I would have to connect as primary.

2003-07-27, 21:23
have u tried Blubster. it seems to be all the rage.
i haven't or piolet or soulseek.
someone let us know what they think.
i'm still frickin' waiting for the new winmx.
that is...if it ever comes out.

2003-07-28, 03:36
I tried Piolet. It's a variation of Blubster. I didn't like it with its popup ads.