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2004-11-30, 15:28
I haven't been able to get it to work remotely, but when done properly it allows one to browse the contents of one's own hard drive. As you can see the direct link to it doesn't work here:
nor does this, and it adds an http:// to the link that isn't there:

However if I post it as an attachment and you open it, it will open on your own computer in a temporary folder, rather than remotely, and it should work then. I would like to try this out on a computer in which browsing of the hard drive is disabled, to see if it allows a way around the restriction.

2004-12-20, 19:03
I'm at a cyber cafe and I opened up the attachment MyComputer.html

none of the file:/// links do anything, but the ../ links sure as hell worked, allowing me full access to the hard drive of the computer. They must have a security block on anything with file:///, but they have neglected to block ../.

But I see that I can open up the Control Panel from the Start menu, and navigate to My Computer from there, so it's not that impressive of a feat.