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View Full Version : fun with Yahoo chat

2004-12-04, 06:40
I really haven't had the adventurous life compared to some people I know. There's someone I know at work who has been married for about seven years and has two children. But that doesn't stop him from hooking up with other girls. He owns a house and has his computer in the basement and spends a lot of time in Yahoo chat rooms trying to hook up with women. There he hooks up his webcam and has video going in the chat. He gives the girls his cell phone and they call him so they can do phone sex and they both have their webcams going, so it is like video phone sex. He said one time he had two girls on a conference call and they were both watching him masturbate on the webcam feed he was sending them. One time he ran into a complete stranger on the streets of Manhattan and she asked him for his phone number, because she wanted to do phone sex with him. Then she called him later at his home and played with herself doing phone sex, and abruptly hung up once she was finished, without ever calling back.

The anonymity of the internet allows people to be more adventurous in being open to complete strangers and doing things like this. What he does is like cheating on his wife, but when it comes to cheating there are shades of grey rather than it being black and white. If you even look at another woman or masturbate at all you are in some way cheating.

Here's a tip I learned from him. If you have a wedding ring and wear it, the type of girls you get going after you will be more interested in quick sex because they know you are in a relationship already. I can imagine the opposite scenario of what is expected, of the married man who puts his wedding ring on when he leaves the house to have affairs with other women, and then takes it off when he gets home or is with his wife.

2004-12-04, 12:41
but then shades of gray are derived from

black & white